Thiago Silva may return to Milan.

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There is new information that the agent of PSG defender Thiago Silva, Paulo Tonietto, said that in the summer the player can return to Milan as a free agent.

A source:

The player’s agent also noted that while negotiations on the extension of the contract with PSG have not been held and the Thiago Silva wants to pursue a career in the Paris Club, but other options are possible. If negotiations with PSG do not lead anyone to anything, then perhaps the Thiago Silva will return to Italy, since the player has always had an excellent relationship with Milan.

At one time, PSG bought Thiago Silva from Milan for 42 million euros and the Brazilian defender's contract with the Paris club expires at the end of June 2020. Yes, if a player wants to stay in PSG, then of course need to negotiate with the club about a new contract, however, it is completely possible that we will see the Thiago Silva game for Milan this summer.

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