The Biography of most talented football player -Wayne Rooney

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Wayne Rooney is a talented football player . Really he is english profesional football player . He always plays very well.

His full name is Wayne Mark Rooney . He was born on 24 October 1985 . He was born in Croxteth of liverpool in England . His height is 5 feet 9 inc. he is forward position football player . He plays forward and always attacks from midfielder . His father name is Thomas Rooney and his mother name is Mrs Jeanette Marie. His parents always inspire him. Rooney has two younger brothers. His younger brother name is Graham and John. His younger brother (John Rooney) is a professional football player . His brother plays for Guiseley. When Rooney studies secondary school , he met his wife . He and his wife married on 12 june 2008 . He dated six years before married . They has three children .
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When he was a school boy , he started football game. His ambition was football player . In one season he scored 72 goals when he studies school of liverpool . When Rooney age was nine years old , he played Copplehouse boys club . There he scored total 99 goals in his final season .When his age was 11 , 12 he scored 114 goals . When his age was 15 years old , he got chance to play for the under 19s. There he played well play. As a Evertons player , he scored eight goals . He reached Youth final in 2002. On 17 august 2002 he disputed with senior . 2 october 2002 he scored two goals in leage cup. Really at that time Rooney was youngest ever goalscorer of Evertons. He played against Arsenal on 19 october ,when 17th birthday . When he was in Premier leage history , he scored youngest goalscorer . He achived award Sports personality of the year in 2002 december . He is highest goalscorer in England national football team.
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Besides he is highest goalscorer for Manchester united club. Manchester united bought him by 25.6 million in August 2004. He was the highest fee paid football player under 20 years. His jersey number was 8 . As manchester united player , he hatricked goals on 28 september . Rooney was manchester united top league scorer . He scored 11 goals that season. He achieved " PFA young player of the year " award . In twenty six premier league he scored total sixteen goals in 2005-2006 goals As first premier league he achieved premier league winners award medal . From 2007 his jersey number was 10. Rooney was injured 2007 9 november . In 2008 Rooney played UEFA super cup .Rooney scored two goals on 18 december in FAFA Cup World Cup. As a Best player he achived golden ball award . When his clip match was 20th clup game , he scored total 100 goals as manchester united player .Manchester united club won by four goals 0n 23 january 2010. He scored all goals that game . He achieved "PFA player" on 25 april 2010. Rooney was fifth hat trick for manchester united club. He played against Crystal palace FIFA cup final in 21 may 2016. He achieved golden Boot award as a clubs all time leading goal scorer in January 2017.As everton player he hatricked .

On 12 february 2003 he earned his first cap as international player . When his age was 17 years old , he became youngest player for england as top scorer . In UEFA he scored four goals in four matches . As national player he played against brazil on 14 november 2009 pre tournament friendly match . As a national player , his jersey number was 10. He won his 100th england cap against Slovenia on 15 november 2014. He became the nation most called outfielder player . He retiremented after russia world cup from national game. In a word he is the most talent football player .

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