Liverpool has snatched victory against Everton team by 5:2 goals .

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Liverpool has snatched victory against Everton team by 5:2 goals .Liverpool footballer Origi had scored one goal in 6 minutes . It was first goal for this match .
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In 31 minutes , he had scored second goal . He had scored twins goals against everton team. In 17 minutes , Shaqiri had scored one goal as a liverpool footballer .As a everton footballer Keane had scored one goal among 21 minutes .Mane had scored one goal among 45 minutes . In 45+3 minutes , Richarlison had scored one goal as a everton footballer .As a liverpool footballer Wijnaldum had scored last goal anong match in 90 minutes .Last 5-12-2019 ,liverpool vs everton match became organized.liverpool had scored total five goals . Everton had scored total two goals . Everton had lost against liverpool . Liverpool football team had defeated Everton football team by 5:2 goals of English premilier league .


Among 15 matches , Liverpool has win 14 matches . And they have lost only one match . They have collected 43 points .Now they has top position from other team. Lester city had played equal match like liverpool . They had snatched victory 11 matches . They had lost two matches and drew two matches . They had collected 43 points . They have second position .Manchester city had collected 32 points . They have third position and lastly Chelsey collected 29 points . They have fourth position on point table .

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