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RE: Rabona thoughts after playing for a couple days and future daydreaming

in #football7 months ago

I have no idea about the Dev aspect of things, but from a football fan's point of view, I'm absolutely enjoying what I'm seeing so far! I'd like for scouting to be a bit less random. A few ideas I have are like,

  • Be able to choose what position player I want to scout. Maybe I have a team packed with attackers and defenders and I need a midfielder. Scouting another attacker doesn't help. So that is an important choice to have.
  • At certain levels of the youth academy, there should be a set minimum on the stats for the players being scouted. For example at level 2 academy, a scouyed GK should have a minimum of 25 for GK and at a lv 4 academy, minimum GK stat should be like 40...something along these lines.

The other thing we all would like is to get RBN listed on hive engine, but maybe that comes later as we're still in beta.