Red Bull Formula One Team Is Different To All The Others

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Pretty cool promotion for Red Bull

We have to understand where Red Bull came from to understand why they are very different to the other teams. The thought process and how and why they do things is not like a main stream company. The history of Red Bull gives us an insight that tells it's own story.
Dietrich Mateschitz one of the founders of Red Bull and the man behind the racing team and everything else the brand gets involved with.

Krating Daeng was a Thailand energy drink owned by Chaleo Yoovidhya developed in the mid 1970's and during Dietrich's travels he found that this drink helped his recovery from jet lag. Dietrich sold the idea to Chaleo to adapt the energy drink for the European market. Both had 49 % shares with 2% set aside for Chaleo's son. From 1984-87 they played around with the formula and carbonated the drink.

In 1987 Dietrich launched the Red Bull energy drink firstly in Austria and then Europe with huge success and then finally the States in 1997. The drink was so popular it took 75 % market share within one year. They were known for dropping off large amounts for free at Universities getting the students on board.

In 2005 Red Bull bought Jaguar Racing who weren't very successful and they turned things around. Everything about the company was different and adventurous and because the owner was hands on decisions were done there and then. Christian Horner admits he wasn't ready for the challenge but was persuaded by Dietrich to become the teams principal. Adrian Newey who was Mc Larens chief designer and engineer was poached at Silverstone in the paddocks. A Dr Marko from Red Bull Racing was given that task to get Newey on board and he agreed after being told to "phone me". Dr Marco an ex racing driver had been running a program for developing new racing drivers and already had Gerhard Berger and Sebastien Vettel in his stable.
Adrian Newey was shocked when approached by this guy called Marko with a funny accent and told to phone him when he was given his business card.

In 2005 Dietrich set the team a target of 19 points and the team achieved that in their first race. The team wasn't taken seriously however as they were seen as more of a party team with no rules and a happy go lucky attitude. David Coulthard and Christiaan Klein were the drivers at the time and in 2005 finished a credible 6th in the constructors championship.

Adrian Newey is a designer that thinks out the box and takes the rules to their legal limits. The car was plagued with bad luck and technical issues over the next few seasons and Mark Webber was bought in to partner Coulthard. Things only started to hot up around 2009 though with the reliability issues solved and Vettel coming in for the retired Coulthard. Funny as Mercedes also took around 4 years to find their mojo. February 2009 at the Chinese Grand Prix Vettel finished first and Webber second recording Red Bull's first ever win.
Christian Horner picked up the trophy and the handle fell off. First trophy he gets his hands on and it breaks.

Since that day in early February until now they have won 62 races and had won the constructors title from 2010- 2013 similar to Mercedes dominating everyone around them. I think the difference between Red Bull and all the other teams was that no one expected them to achieve anything and these guys wanted to prove everyone wrong. The car development and winning had become personal and nothing showed more than when Webber and Vettel crashed into each other. The entire team was pissed off with the drivers for being reckless as most of the back room staff and developers worked day and night. Webber and Vettel felt bad and embarrassed more than anything ,this is kind of funny after what happened with Le Clerc and Vettel last weekend in Brazil.

The budgets were never an issue as Dietrich is worth around $20 Billion today and this was his pet project and one he is very proud of. He managed to get a group of specialist individuals who were dedicated and strong minded and blend them into one. Adrian Newey and Christian Horner were the magic pieces in the puzzle and they found the missing pieces to make it work.

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I don't watch F1 all that much, but about a year ago I did watch one race and the Red Bull team-mates actually crashed into one another during a race, and i found that particularly commendable.

I was going to ask you have you seen this Thai energy drink called Krating Daeng. Is it the same as Red Bull we have everywhere else or different?

there are a TON of energy drinks in Thailand and they are all more or less the same thing. Krating Daeng literally means "red bull" in Thai. So yeah, it is the same thing.

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