Active Day, Singing and Playing the Spirit Generating Movement

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The sun has just been seen in the eastern horizon. On this fresh and cool morning we will make the camp atmosphere more cheerful. Participants have woken up since this morning, even in the early days before dawn prayer. In the morning that was still a little dark, with their eyes still sleepy they hurried to the Mushalla. They will perform the Fajr prayer, an obligation that should not be abandoned by all those who are in the camp.


The sound of car horns and boisterous vehicles on the highway not far from the campsite indicated that it was morning. People leave their homes to carry out their respective activities. Likewise with the participants of this scouting education activity, they will do the activity again today. Activities carried out based on the instructions for carrying out activities that have been written in the guidebook. Following the schedule of activities that we have made, today we will be doing a fun activity.


This morning we will be cheering shouting various songs (yells). Participants are required to wear sportswear. All equipment, uniforms and clothing carried by participants are placed in their respective tents. Each tent is occupied by 4 to 5 people. With a very simple tent area, we think this will be able to provide space to stay and store all the equipment they have.


The committee team announced the call through the loudspeaker, a sign to inform that all participants were asked to immediately go to the main square located in the middle of the camp. All participants wore indicative sportswear with their respective school names. All participants line up neatly, according to their respective groups. We have separated them into groups. This is done so that the delivery of lessons becomes more effective.


The committee on duty in the field gives direction to all participants, they get ready to show extraordinary action. In each camp, yells become familiar to be played (sung) by scout members. As if to be so bland if the camp activities are not filled with yells. The songs and the screams of enthusiasm made the morning more lively and colorful. Yells are one of the most important parts to provide motivation for all members of the scouting.


We try to make the participants more relaxed, relaxed, and get rid of all the complaints and fatigue they face while participating in this activity. Because this aims to provide enthusiasm and motivation, in its implementation the chants are sung with a tone of enthusiasm and a loud voice. The sounds of the lyrics are made as unique as possible and provide meaningful lessons that are good enough for life, foster cohesiveness, and full of excitement.

"Good things done will bring goodness, sincerity is a source of passion full of love and dedication, wings of birds fly, the people have dreams, people need you to help them, you will look great for the little actions you do but have an impact broad for everyone"


Thank You

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