Help us Fund our Brother in CHRIST who is now completed His operation of replacing His Jaw!

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I was on the bed right now to sleep but there is something on my mind that won't me sleep.

Until i remember my Brother in CHRIST having his operation of replacing His Jaw.

(June Macrohon Augusto) Our beloved instrumentalist at Church are now in operation of replacing His jaw and i thank God for the success of our brother in Christ operation.

June is the best active members to our Church He played all the instruments at Church He played guitar like a pro on His age,He did well also on Drums,Keyboard and base. He is also one of the active Young People to our Church help cleaning the Church whatever activities like feeding sharing the Words of God He is always right there to gave His talent just to Glorify God and help our fellow Filipino people.

When we visited June tonight at 7-8pm He send me some pictures who is taken by the Doctor who did the operation for His Jaw.

⚠️WARNING⚠️ images below is NSFW!


This is the Jaw remove by the Doctor who took the operation!

Image send by June thrue messenger.Screenshot_20190913_013305.jpg

I ask June to for his belling documents so i can took pictures,but His mother had it and His mother at home to take some things for Him. June told me the Titanium to replace for His Jaw is worth 120,000 peso that was $2,310 more or less, Operation fee is worth 90,000 peso it's around $1,730 And they already made a down payment of 80,000 which is around $1,540. I ask June to send me all the bellings when Her mother arrive so i can show everything here as a proof, but i think He already resting now and sleep..

I will update you tomorrow everything about June Guys.

Help us to fund (June Macrohon Augusto) or you can contact Him directly on His facebook account name showed above.



Have a wonderful night and GOD BLESS Everyone!