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Over the last few months loads has been discussed over the Tottenham dressing room and how things are not as sweet as they could be. They are not the first team or the last team to have a few internal issues and normally it is down to money or women.

I know one team that had internal issues and it was all round the wives causing the problems and not the players. The players get on with their thing training and playing games and having to travel away from home on a regular basis. It is understandable that the wives get together and have a bond between each other as they are living similar lives with the same problems.

You would hope they had their book clubs and tea which sounds innocent enough and just got along with each other. This team in particular was doing rather well in their league and things were all good on the home front. No drama for the players to come home to and everyone was happy.

It all changed though as one of the wives bought in a poker evening and it all changed. Hubby is away in some distant country whilst the women are drinking it up, puffing on cigars and blowing the family budget. You would think housewives would dabble with small amounts of cash, but when the drinks are flowing some got carried away with things.

When the players arrived home they entered a hornets nest with all the wives calling each other bitches and you can imagine them saying she owes me x amount and going off. The players eventually sorted it out amongst themselves and gambling between the wives was banned. Luckily the players were a close knit bunch and weren't worried about the finances and money was secretly returned without the wives knowledge. It could have gone pear shaped though and the wives could have split the team down the middle. The team itself did suffer for a few matches and this story was kept internally.

Being a fly on the wall in a dressing room would make for an interesting film or book, but it is best left in the dressing room and the fighting stays on the pitch.

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Is this a real story? That is nuts, dude. I wonder how much money we were talking here. I would imagine that all those players could probably afford it on their 70,000 pounds a week salary though. haha

True story. I know some of the players and they were pissed off with their wives.It took about three weeks to get everything back to normal.

Things always get bad when money becomes involved. It is just human nature or something like that. It is good that they were able to get it all sorted out behind the scenes. It is also too bad that so many people let money come between them and good friends. The latter is harder to come by than the former.

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