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Override 2: Super Mech League

is a three-dimensional fighting game in which large mechs face off in various locations, with up to four combatants participating in them with the possibility of playing alone or online against other players. Developed once again by Modus Games and distributed in our region in physical format by Tesura Games, we are facing a kaiju-style title, where large creatures face each other, being able to even handle characters from the Ultraman series if you get their respective edition or with the DLC.

The premise tells us of a world where dangerous giant creatures have been exterminated and, for sheer fun, leagues have been created in which powerful mecha from every point on the globe face off. Do not expect anything too elaborate in terms of narrative, but it is appreciated that you try to make sense of these fights between fuses.

Moving on to its mechanics, here you will find one-on-one, two-against-two or brawls in which the four participants fight each other, either locally or online. We can move freely through the three-dimensional scenarios, run, jump, use a barrier to defend ourselves from a limited number of blows, grab the opponent if he defends to launch it and attack with the different extremities of our wick, which are associated with the upper buttons of the command. Although the mechas move in an agile way, the truth is that the controls sometimes feel a bit clumsy and imprecise, but this gives us the feeling of being handling huge and powerful robots.


Of course, there are some combinations of attacks, special movements for each mecha and an ultimate ability that you can use when filling your meter by visiting some special areas that are temporarily enabled for it. These attacks are very powerful and using them at the right time can mean the difference between victory and defeat. In addition, the lower the vitality of the mecha, the less amount you have to fill, which balances the fighting a lot.

The scenarios are quite wide, finding traps that can harm us, objects to collect that we can throw at our rival to cause damage and weapons of limited duration that appear from time to time. There are all kinds of them, such as frying pans that stun the opponent, rocket launchers to cause damage from a distance, mallets or lightsabers, among others. Each one has its usefulness in certain combat situations, so we recommend using them wisely.


All these elements make the fighting as a whole simple but entertaining. The biggest problem in this sense is given by artificial intelligence, which is very easy to defeat and sometimes has some strange behaviors. This, of course, does not happen with confrontations against other players as it is clearly a multiplayer-oriented title. Highlight above all the fights between four players by requiring more strategic movements.

One of the aspects that we liked the most is that you will find 20 mecha to choose from, each with its own set of movements and abilities, size, power and agility, making them feel well differentiated at the controls and with aspects of the most diverse. It is true that some have seemed better than others, but in general they are well balanced. To these must be added those of the Ultraman DLC, which include Ultraman himself and, in the future, Bemular, Black King and Dan Moroboshi.


As for game modes, you will not find variety or originality. We have on the one hand the classic Quick Game to play quickly without too many complications, the Versus to face other players with various options to configure and the Training to put into practice the movements of the different available mecha. But the most prominent is Leagues, which works as a kind of campaign where everything interesting about the game happens.

Here you will participate in one-on-one, two-against-two battles or brawls of your choice, then selecting one of the mechs that are offered to us. At the beginning of each fight we choose to play against the AI ​​or another player online, with us recommending the latter as it offers more challenging fights. The objective is none other than to win fights and then participate in tournaments with different rounds and thus get sponsors who offer us limited-time missions to win juicy rewards in the form of money.

Override 2: Super Mech League is, in conclusion, an accessible and entertaining title that stands out when we face other players online in the leagues, especially when the rules of Pro mode are added. One of the aspects that we liked the most was the variety of highlights and how well differentiated they are to offer different sensations at the controls. The AI, the lack of modalities or the camera fails on certain occasions, but it is a fairly well resolved game for a modest budget.

Those who enjoy mecha should give it a shot, winning integers as they progress through the leagues and take on other players.


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I recommend this game 100x100

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