Kidney transplanted two brother won the gold medal.

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You may know the world transplant game was going on. Two brothers from India both won the gold medal there. Arjun Srivastav and his brothers Anil Srivastav from Bangalore both won the gold medal in different games. Arjun won the medal in golf event in receiver category whereas Anil won the medal in ball throwing in donor category. This year in this game's total four gold and three silver medals won by Indian. Organ donors and receivers more than 2200 participants participated in this game.

In 2014 Anil donated a kidney to his brother Arjun. Both are doctors in passion. It's after they participated in this game. As well as Ankita Srivastav also won two gold in this game. The intention of organising this game was encouraging people to donate organs. The organiser wanted to prove that if we donate organise then don't much effect in normal life. Arjun said that All participants came here through their government but the Indian government didn't participate directly that's why all Indian participants came here by their own money.

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