A showcase of some of my Video game Photograpghy

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Good Afternoon community.

Today I would like to showcase my Video game photography to you all.

All photo's are my own and where captured on both Playstation 4 and PC.

If you once used steem you may have seen some of these photo's before as these have all been taken within the last year.

Before we start I just wanna explain what Video Game photography is. Video game photography is basically taking screenshots of in game moments it's pretty straight forward however with many games adding its own "photo mode" system players can freely move the camera around and position where it wants to be etc making screenshots that much better.

Some people say it's not photography its just an screen capture etc but to me it's photography.

I believe this is photography because video games today are so graphically advanced that some resemble the real world in amazing quality and to me spending time to capture these moments are amazing to me.

To me personally ART is ART to me no matter how its portrayed everyone should be able to create the art they want.

So let's begin...

Starting with a Photo from PES 2020


As you can see this is a Capture of A stunning stadium known as the Allianz Parque stadium from a fan view in games shortly before kickoff this photo was taken on the PS4 on PES 2020 that you can view here

Moving on...

eFootball PES 2020 LITE_20200220004103.jpg

I captured another photo on PES 2020 and this photo is of a Stadium known as Old Trafford Old Trafford. This photo is taken outside the stadium from height before a game with fans surrounding the outside.

Moving on...


Moving on from PES 2020 here we have a capture from the famous Grand theft auto 5 video gamegame site . It released all the way back in 2013 but has still held strong and still today boasts a huge player base. In this Capture I was pulled over by a police officer on a lonely road.

Moving on...


Another capture from Grand theft auto 5 this time I am racing down mountains in a off road truck getting a lot of airtime whilst tying to not fall down the side of the mountain.

Moving on...

0_0 1.jpg

Here we have a capture from the game Red Dead Redemption 2 here is the site. In this capture I took a photo of my character in front of a musical theatre.

Moving on...


Another Grand theft auto 5 capture here and here we are just cruising around on bikes and pulled over to capture this photo. This is probably my oldest photo on this post.

And last but not least


Another Grand theft auto photo in this photo i was shooting with this nice gold pistol wearing slick suit.

And that concludes my post thank you so much for reading through it i loved writing and putting this post together.

I plan to make more post's like this as well as uploading more photography both gaming and In real life in general.

thanks again community

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