DDR highlights


On a whim, I fired up some DDR last night. Partly to get off my fat arse and move, and partly to prep for Extra Life coming up in November. I've been having issues with the PS1 memory cards and saving my DDR games, and it's been more than a wee bit frustrating to say the least! So I fired up DDR Konamix first, figured I'd go through and unlock some songs.


Full combos on Konamix are much harder than on more recent mixes. The timing window is super small, so you HAVE to stay on top of things. Felt good to pull it off, though!


No sooner had I pulled off this full combo, and then the game refused to save on the memory card. Son of a...

I deleted the save file, tried creating a new save file, and it STILL failed to save! I even tried other memory cards, and couldn't get it to work. What's it gotta take?

Rather than get frustrated, I fired up DDR X2. I had just picked it up, and I knew I needed to unlock songs. It's...It's not good...


At least I pulled a casual full combo on a classic Bemani title. So at least there's that!

And then there's this guy:


Terrible song, shit chart. Just plain awful. I regret everything.


On the other hand, I pushed myself on this one. Haven't cleared it on Standard, so for a first time clear, I'm quite happy with this!


Another classic song! And another full combo! I feel so accomplished...

You know, for as much guff as the game gets now, it's still a fantastic interval cardio training option. You're running in place for 90 seconds, take a 30 second break, and then do it again. On middle difficulties, you'll do 200-350 steps in that time period. Higher difficulties are even more steps. It's a great workout, and definitely worth trying if you missed the whole craze some 15 years ago.

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