TOP 5 Failed Video Game Consoles

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You all know that the kind of competition that is going on in the gaming world today, everyone is warned that Sony PlayStation and Xbox and Nintendo are the three names that still hold their own in the market and all gaming apart from these The console company is still working on its own, but today I will share some such gaming consoles in front of you, which will remind you of your old days and you will also spend your childhood will when you used to be a must for a gaming console since then were younger you were

1 Philips CD-i

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CD add-on for the SNES, the collaboration between Nintendo and Philips led to the standalone release of the CD-i in 1991

2 HyperScan

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HyperScan: it was a video game console designed for young children. Released in 2006

3 N-Gage

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n 2009, Nokia announced the N-Gage brand would permanently end the following year

4 Sega Saturn

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Sega stood as one of Nintendo's main competitors, and it was difficult to pick a side. Unfortunately, the release of the Sega Saturn in 1995 proved misguided, as the console severely lacked

5 Sega Dreamcast

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he Dreamcast was less powerful than its contemporaries, the Playstation 2 (2000), Gamecube (2001), and Xbox (2001). The console caused Sega to incur heavy financial losses, and was discontinued in 2001

Out of this, my favorite was Nokia N-Gage, it used to play PlayStation games as well, so that mobile was quite popular but it was time for such games, now such games will come, these old gaming phones do not have any similarity in today's technology, but in their hearts Respect why, when today's technology was not there, we used to enjoy gaming from this device.


I loved my Saturn! I spent hours playing Sega Rally on that thing. Remember the Mega CD which plugged into the MegaDrive? Now that was a proper flop.