Bangla pohela boishakh Festival

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Hello hivers

Today i am going to share with you about a culture of here called pohela boishakh. Its first day of Bangla new year, lots of people's are engaged with celebrations for the new bangla first day.

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People are gretting each other, sing a song, procession for show down about art and passion. People's also eat some festival food like water-rice, hilsha fish, home made cake and many other items.

But this year everythis has gone stoped due to covid-19, its almost like curfew on behalf lockdown.

One more thing is that the first day of Ramadan is also today, thus people's are getting off all celebrations this year.

Pohela boishakh is very relating to the native village, they find their all happiness with a met together, a facny fair, some singing and little drama playing, gift and invitation each other.

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(image source Internet)

As like you can say it happy new year. The first thing of this ritual festival fashion is the combination of red and white, girls wearing crown that made of flowers, boys wearing panjabi.

Everywhere people's are celebrating at their way.

About market

Today bit coin and other are rising very promptly but alt coin is still down. This is could be an insane for all people's who are investing in alt coin, hope situation will be fine in later.

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