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This is an impressive day for golf fans to see a player hit the fairway with the least difficulty ever.
Round 3 with 11 under par, this is great.
He shot 61.
He is the only one total three rounds under par 200.
He got a drop of luck mix with confidence.
Even with bogey on five, Justin did not fumble.
Holes 10 and 16, he got it sweet with eagle.
This is wonderful golf to watch

In the same token, Koepka shot even par on Saturday.
Maybe Koepka is going to light the fairway today.
We have three different leaders going on this Sunday.
the most important leader is the winner on Sunday afternoon
Jason Kokrak led on thursday but lost momentum, he is sitting at 8 under par
Friday Hideki was on top of the world at 12 under par.
He shot +1 for the day and he is not too far from the leader.

The fun part Jason will play safe and why not add to the lead.
6 shots lead is pretty good.
I know some guys will attack and get their nose in place for the great finale next week
Finau is sitting right where he wanted.
Just play safe and put the balls on the green and make birdies.
Patrick Reed last week winner the Northern Trust is right there at 9 under par.

Since Tiger won the whole thing last year
he needs to finish 11th to play next week.
He is 14 shots behind the leader.
He needs to shot the golf well in order to advance.
Impossible I am not saying that but miracle should come his way
for him to advance.
He needs to be part of the 30 players.
As you can see there is no cut in this tournament.
You just bury yourself every day or you take the lead.
You play to earn points and win the prize money for the event.

Justin set himself to advance and be the winner.
Rory is quiet lately.
Sunday brings the best out of everybody.
We will see.
Hopefully no drama and slow play hinders this round 4.

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