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Thursday evening already, where has the week gone? Oh, that's right, plenty of work in front of the screen and too tired for much computer playtime. I have however been keeping myself busy with exercise, and this will be a rather self-centered update on that, along with a semi-nude at the bottom :O


Despite the sweaty tired looking face, I feel super awesome at present. I have some colour on my skin from the recent trip to Spain, and have been working my ass off most days of the week with various HIIT exercises, ab routines, Elliptical training, jogging, and cycling.

The end result, according to my Amazfit watch is that I have over 200 PAI in the bank for the last 7 days, and actually, that has been the case for the past 3 days now.


There is a secret formula connected to heart-rate and basically, the higher it goes, the more PAI you earn.

The score is based on each person’s physical data (age, gender, maximum heart rate, resting heart rate, and the body’s response to exercise.). So the activity everyone need to achieve their goal of 100 is unique to them. source

The goal is to stay above 100 PAI, but after some insane daily scores from @sulayr whilst hiking and playing Padel, I got PAI envy and the gamification took over. To add to that, the app also includes a 'fitness age', which rises and falls based on your daily exercise.




Currently at 29, with potential to go down to 27 - not bad for someone who'll be 42 at the end of the year :D

As well as moving my ass daily, I've also been getting back into salads, sometimes twice a day. These were popular whilst living in Spain, the heat taking away the desire for baked potatoes and other stodge, and with 32c forecast here tomorrow, I'm thinking it will be a double salad day.


In the past I've written about how shit my sleep can be, but maybe it was better than I thought even though I rarely get more than 6 hours. The watch tells me that last night I slept better than 99% of people owning an Amazfit, and that is mainly due to the amount of deep sleep I get. I'm not convinced it's accurate, and I think it's because I'm not a fidget during the night. No girl has ever complained, but I've had to go find another bed or visit the sofa on more than one occasion due to the bed feeling more like being on a boat. Anyway, they say sleep can be partly psychological and so it's good to see the positive numbers.


Sooo, what do you get if you work out pretty much every day for four months, sleep reasonably well, and eat a bunch of salads?.......



I see some abs! Alright, maybe not 6 but 4 will do :) I would like to thank @sulayr for the motivation and fluids to keep me at it, the watch, and my bluetooth headphones.

Alright, time for a much-deserved beer - just one though!




Soon a new (extra) Hive account?

Looking sharp mate, the hard work paid of so it seems.

hahaha :D

Not sure what @eveuncovered would make of that, and I don't think anyone wants to see this on a regular basis!

Thanks buddy, I have been working hard and feeling pretty chuffed :D




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Soon you will be able to grate cheese on that. Awesome results.

I actually decided to get the same watch after reading your previous post on it. So far so good, but occasionally it screws up on the heart rate when I'm on my bike. I think being very sweaty and having hairy arms can mess with it.

The one thing I don't like is how the PAI history just shows above 100 (useless for anyone tracking fitness unless) and scrolling through to see individual daily scores is a terrible UI experience.

I'm working out enough to get PAI about 5 or 6 times a week and have a score generally between 130~170 depending on the day. But my health age is still weak cause I just got it like 3 weeks ago. It's improving, but it does start us up at grandpa level (I think double your age or something not so scientific).

I actually like PAI feature best because counting steps can be done alright with a phone and once you have established what it takes to get your target (mine is 10k), it's easy to estimate. In any case, unless someone is very inactive, 10k steps just wandering around isn't going to do much ~ I get like 0~1 PAI a day from it, probably running to get the crosswalk.

Actually I'm most jealous of your sleep score. Trying to improve mine proves difficult. I usually sleep closer to 6 hours a night and deep sleep is especially difficult in the summer.

Cheers :)

Yes I've found the heart-rate monitoring not to be on the ball some of the time and think it's due to the watch slipping down the wrist due to sweat. I try to wear it quite tight and am often squeezing it up the wrist just to be sure.

The one thing I don't like is how the PAI history just shows above 100

True, this could be better for sure:


lol grandpa :) I only noticed the fitness age thing recently and had plenty of PAI in stock. I'm sure with 130-170 PAI you'll bring that age down pretty fast. I find it tough to get any PAI whilst walking, so much 'easier' with heart-rate up.

Sleep jealousy is real - I used to have it bad as an ex would sleep through anything for 8 hours on the dot. Is your deep sleep low? I got much less of that while in Spain and think it was because it's 10+ degrees hotter at night.

I do the same thing to fix the heart rate monitor. After reading about it, I found it was an issue with the tech used to detect it. There is a better way but it consumes a lot more energy, so we would be recharging the thing more often (my wife has to charge her iWatch every night, lol).

The PAI seems to be measuring 100 for average people, but not for the PAI obsessed, too bad there wasn't an extreme mode, or better yet allow people to set PAI targets.

I collect most of mine on a spinning bike. I can't even collect it well from cycling because there aren't enough hills in my area and nowhere I can safely go fast enough to get the kind of resistance I need to get my heart rate over 150.

Unfortunately, I hate jogging, but I may have to do it. Alternatively, I could just walk up and down the stairs in my apartment, or better yet find a nice hill to climb up and down. It's just too hot to do outside stuff in summer. And I'm moving somewhere flat for a few weeks (hopefully I won't lose track).

My deep sleep is low, but I expect it is seasonal. It's 100% humidity here and like 27C at night. I've been sleeping with the AC on in my bedroom since late May and have a fan, too (it's definitely worth the 10$ or so added to the bill each month). My bed is very comfortable, but I don't think my pillow is the best.

I find this watch can go over a week without charge, happy with that.

I collect most of mine on a spinning bike. I can't even collect it well from cycling because there aren't enough hills in my area and nowhere I can safely go fast enough to get the kind of resistance I need to get my heart rate over 150.

Same! It is tough on the road unless you meet a lot of hills.

I like the GPS and stats that come with jogging outside but my ankles don't like it and much prefer the cushion of a treadmill. Playing an active sport seems to work really well - heart-rate spikes and the cool down period seem easier/more fun than grinding out a consistent 150 bpm. Saying that, I don't have many options for sports at present and most of my PAI is coming from the elliptical trainer.

27c, yeah that doesn't sounds like a comfortable sleeping temperature, hopefully your deep sleep will improve when things cool off a little.

I've been doing 30-minute sessions on the bike spiking it to 175 and back down to 140. I find it is better than grinding out a high plateau. I think the technical term is HIIT. It's like doing sprints.

The GPS is great, especially when doing random courses. I do have a nice running track nearby (GPS is pointless for a 400m oval, unless I forget how many laps I did). Maybe I'll hit it up in the fall a few times. There are lots of mountains near me and I find the ones that are about 500m up are a decent workout. Again, fall.


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cool! you done well.

almost look as good as me 😝 😝:)


You're looking good mate! Healthy Australian life does wonders huh?


yep! Also thanks to rona, found the desire to build a home gym. Bit ticked off that gyms are open again now though. Need another lock down for 6 months to get my moneys worth :)

Lol...Well anything could happen...If those diseased Victorians keep coming over the border we might be back to full lockdown.

haha, lock em out, build a wall and get them to pay for it :)

Yep...I agree! let them enjoy the utopia they've created for themselves.

hey buddy, you still hear/here... glad....
how do you survive in the southern hemisphere? i believe you have a winter there... and our august summer is predicted to be tooooo terribly hot...
already crazed :]

yeah still here, playing a tonne of splinterlands. Cold with more cold on the way. usually prefer to spend winter here somewhere else but apparently some flu closed down the airlines :)

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Is that an 8 pack ya bastad!?

yeah or two tits and 6. either way, all hard and golden :)

My new role model :)

Is this PAI thing better than the poor Actifit?
All the way, congrats on losing track of time and having a good time at the same time ;)

I should start sticking a report out from time to time on an alt for actifit, keep forgettiing, and cheers!

I see them!! Peeking out like shy woodland creatures!! Don't drink water for a day and take a black and white photo and you are laughing!! :0D

Solid tips!

A day without water though, I would have the worst headache ever! (Thinking about it though! :P )

Looking great!

With fresh cherries and rhubarb and my wife baking, I have a PIE stomach too

Thanks :)

That sounds great, I've got a dessert booked in for 3 weeks on Saturday..

sweet paella?

Half a sugar in a coffee :)

Tea and a biscuit... :D

I am jealous that you have the willpower to do this - my watch tells me to stand up a lot.

There's no way I would have kept it up without a workout buddy. Fancy joining us on Skype tomorrow? :D

I would, but I have a freshly made pie to eat

Pastry :O Not on my watch!

One big ab.

I could have produced that a lot easier!

Lol...Couldn't we all!

They are abs, congratulations!

Best use of Lockdown possible.


4 months of free time has certainly helped, now to try and keep it going with 35 hours a week booked up.

You just have to pick your times - I always found right after work was best for me, I used to run home, no excuses.

I actually used to really enjoy doing 10Ks on the treadmill every Friday, then straight down the pub.

Crucial to make the most of Sunday as a workout day too!

Although working out is one thing, maintaining a decent diet is something I rarely managed at work.

Yeah i'm planning on cycling to work, and am looking to do something in the first hour of being home.

10km before the pub, I'd need a good litre of so of water before a beer!

The canteen at work is shite and so I was taking my own lunch, although the vending machine could well tempt me in now and again.

I used to cycle sometimes, best way to get there and back!

I tended to find that I could drink a pint at least easily while cooling down, showering and getting to the pub, that whole process took at least 30 mins, probably nearer 40.

I used to hate taking my own lunch in, but I often did, couscous or sandwiches, I got so sick of them!

Unless it's 2c and pissing down?

I'd need a pint at least, depending on the temp or else i'd have a headache after 2 beers :(

There's some couscous in the cupboard - not had any since not going into the office! I think you can mix the salads around a bit with the stronger flavours and try and get a different one 5 days in a row - will let you know :)

It is a very 'work' type lunch couscous.

It's not that I don't like it - it's the association of it with work!

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Thinking about it, that's a connection I have now too. Will try to steer clear until the winter!

I see 5! You kept/keep me motivated too. Even with this heat and fluid loss... ;P

Happy with 5 - one at the bottom for beer?

Working out where you are is so much harder than here at this time of year, it's a good job you have the air-con and drink so much water :P

Oh man, these days I pour down like 5-6 liters of low quality beer and I rarely eat something PURE and natural (rare to find)
Yeah the belly shows up, but I can still play basketball and dance on psy trance (next day we have a fest near the black sea)

Apparently girls like a bit of a belly, and a man that can jump and dance to psy trance all night :)

Subtle hint. But remember: I am half lizard half human :P

I have 25% reptilian DNA
One half is Pleadian...
And I hope the other quarter is Human :P

how do your lizard genes manifest? :P

they are more turtle like... and support my connection to Earth...

Yes I forget, but would like to see more water consumed, even for a half lizard :)

I will be good: 💧😇

Two sips of water and then a can of beer?! 😝

Drinking is what counts!


Nice going Asher!
Keep it up, posts like this really work motivating on me

Thanks buddy, and I hope there's a bit of motivation here. I found it was really the only thing I needed - workout buddy, music, and a sports watch help!

Looking like a young Clint Eastwood my man. Making someone's day I'm sure!

Abs huh? You should change your name to @abs12345 Lol.

abs12345 😂 For the next few months at least, we'll see after my birthday in decemeber if I can keep up with it!

You'll get it done mate...Been a bit of hard work to get where you are now I'd guess, so should get a bit easier from here.

I'm hoping so - it's been tough!

Reward for effort...Keep pushing.


Que bien, tener abdominales lleva su tiempo, pero ya veo los tuyos allí. Yo también llevo semanas entrenando, solo me cuesta comer ensaladas y ensaladas, y me da mucha ansiedad. Necesito un reloj de esos para motivarme más!

Gracias :) Me alegra saber que también has estado entrenando, ¡el reloj realmente ayuda!

como dicen, porque me lo merezco jajaja, te mereces esa cerveza, vas bien! eres muy guapo, saludos desde Venezuela.

Muchas gracias :D

Wow, muy buen post, la verdad que mantenerse en estado hace muy bien al corazon, gracias por compartir, te dejo mi voto y te sigo.

Muchas gracias :D

Omg you are soooooo thirstyyyyy 🙄

I was about an hour ago yes!

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Thats nice , i feel now motivated to check out wet abs 🍒

Motivated to make your own abs or just check out others? :D

Check out others of course .. i already got mine 😉

haha, nice!

Your efforts paid out! Salads are great and super healthy! Congrats for your abs, you have more packs than I do lol😂😂👏

I am really enjoying eating them at present, thank you! :D


you should oil up and take naked pictures more often Asher

;) ;) for the right price...