A Safe Way to Exercise Barefoot in the Morning

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Morning is a good time to exercise because we start again a new day after a long rest at night. Morning also supports sports activities with a fresh atmosphere and clean air.

One of the fun sports in the morning is stretching and walking barefoot. Barefoot can improve the quality of the power of the soles of the feet and psychologically able to increase our connectivity with nature.

It's really nice to feel our feet can be in direct contact with the natural texture around where we live, touching the ground, sand, small rocks. That all can increase our sensitivity.

Here are some tips for maintaining safety when doing barefoot in the morning:

  • Know the area you use to walk or run

It is very important for you to know the types of surfaces in your area of ​​residence, whether it is gravel, sand, or soil and grass. It is better to choose the texture of the area with textured soil with grass and a little rock, but the rocks are not sharp so it is safe for the soles of the feet.

  • Check the location of the sport

Not just to recognize the area for you to do sports, you also have to check the location to be safe from various disturbing things such as sharp objects or thorns. This will make you avoid injury.

Being accustomed to doing barefoot will further increase the strength of your feet and don't be afraid of foot injuries even if you don't wear sports shoes, because we have already checked the location that will be used for exercise.

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