Donkey Kicks VS Single-Leg Squat For Women

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Donkey Kicks and Squat are two types of exercise that women often do if they have the goal of building buttocks and thigh muscles.

But of course, there are better sports that are better suited for women. Between these two, Squat, especially Single-Leg Squat is more suitable for women to do.

This is because to avoid serious injury because many women who actually can not do Donkey Kicks training correctly. This could lead to serious injury. That's why Single-Leg Squat training can be a substitute solution for Donkey Kicks training.

Even though it looks easy, Donkey Kicks is often done incorrectly. Most women use momentum muscles and lower back muscles. Even though the right thing is to focus on the buttocks muscles. This wrong move will cause a back injury.


So, you can do Single-Leg Squat by standing on your right foot and placing both hands on the chest. Then, gently bend the knee of your right leg while lowering your posture. Feel the pull on the buttocks muscles, then return to the starting position and repeat on the left leg.

Single-Leg Squat is easier to do in aspects to avoid injury.

What do you think of these two types of exercises?

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