Some Exercise that Can be Done When You Have The Flu

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The flu is very easy to attack people who have weak immune systems. This is because they are easily infected with viruses from other people who have been infected first.

Flu also means our body needs adequate rest. Then what about doing sports when the flu?

Indeed, exercise will not affect healing faster, but some people claim that exercising can make the body better even if it does not heal completely.

Circumstances that the flu with conditions that are not fit requires you to do light exercise. Some sports that are suitable for those of you who have the flu include the following:

- Walking
Walking can make your body warmer. You can walk around your home garden in about 20 minutes.

- yoga
Yoga can nourish the body and will help release the stress hormone cortisol.

- dancing
How about dancing? Dancing movements are mild and enjoyable sports that can make our mood better. We will also sweat and that can make the body feel better.

That was some exercise that can be done when you have the flu. If your flu is too severe accompanied by fever, you should rest in full so as not to aggravate the condition of your body.

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