Squat Jump to improve your Squat Exercise

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If you are classified as someone who only likes to do regular fitness sports, then you should not leave squats in your fitness sports.

The characteristics of squats that are easy to do make squats a good choice when warming up in the morning.

Because it is important for us to improve our training so that it maximizes function for the body, it is also important to improvise Squat exercises.

You can do Squat Jump if you are used to doing Squat well, so there is no injury and can get the maximum benefit.

Here are some tips for doing Squat Jump:

  • Because Squat Jump consists of two movements, squatting and jumping, use good sports shoes to avoid injury.
  • Choose a room that is spacious and safe to make the leap.
  • Don't forget to stretch when starting and ending.

But the thing to remember is for those of you who have a history of illness in the bones, diabetics, and obesity, are not allowed to do a squat jump because it is considered to worsen the health condition.

Keep healthy and Keep Steem On!

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