Silvershield Assassin Got Destroyed In One Attack || Share Your Battle || Splinterlands 👾 Weekly Challenge

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Kindly find the below details of my Splinterlands 👾 Battle.

  • In this 29 Mana Battle i chose this Line Up, Goblin Mech - Sacred Unicorn - Silvershield Assassin - Armorsmith - Furious Chicken 🐔. I put Goblin Mech in leadership position because it's definitely one healthy monster 👾 for sure. Sacred Unicorn 🦄 and Silvershield Assassin on second and third position, Sacred Unicorn 🦄 is very effective card and it gave productive results so many times, I've used Silvershield Assassin for the first time so i really didn't had any idea 💡 how it will going to perform. In fourth and fifth position I've put Armorsmith and Furious Chicken 🐔, Armorsmith boosts the shield 🛡 of other monsters and Furious Chicken 🐔 consumes the attack and play the role of diversion.
  • My Strategy failed and i lost this Battle. At this moment i don't know about my perfect 👌 Lineup when it comes to the Life Splinter.
  • I've claimed Silvershield Assassin recently and this was my first Battle with this Monster 👾.

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I think there was going a lot against you versus being wrong in you life splinter selection. First toughness is gone and that makes life splinter much weaker as most monsters in the splinter have thoughness stats. Putting Goblin Mech without any thoughness is not ideal as it spends 10 manas and his normal health is a 6. Many monsters can get you health of 6 without using 10 manas. Worse off it was going to be an uphill battle since all your monsters were level 1 compared to your opponent having 4s and 5s. Hopefully next time you get lucky and face an opponent that also has level 1 monsters. Good luck!

Yes. i haven't invested in Splinterlands 👾 much that's why my cards are of Low Level. Thank you so much for your kind response. Stay blessed.

Well, you didn't have much of a chance going against those higher cards.
However, something to remember: When given 'broken shields' ya wanna make sure you have as much health (heart) up front as you can.
The Goblin Mech loses much of it's ooomph in this ruleset.
Good luck!


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Yes, after the Battle i thought that i should have used some other card or cards in place of Goblin Mech for better result. Thank you so much for your continuous support and feedback. Stay blessed always.

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