HOBGOBLIN - Melee Attack (THORNS) In Action - Show Your Battle - Weekly Contest (Hosted By @steemmonsters)

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Kindly find the below points which will let you know why i use THORNS in my Steemmonsters 👾 Battles.

  • In my opinion and without any doubt THORNS are useful due to Melee Attack and monsters which hold THORNS ability knows how to give back the taste of Melee Attack when they got attacked.

  • In this Battle i used HOBGOBLIN and my Strategy Failed because i lost the Battle.

  • I use THORNS occasionally but not often, i know it gives the Double Attack ability, but in my battles i use other monster abilities which helped me to win my battles most of the times.

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(Thumbnail is screenshot taken from the Steemmonsters platform and edited with Canva).

"This is my original work."

Stay Blessed.

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I didn’t find any THORNS ability in your video ? Do you actually know what is THORNS ?

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In my opinion THORNS are Melee Attack right? If i am wrong,i am really happy to know the right knowledge so that i will make sure i am not missing the right Knowledge. Stay blessed.

Screenshot 339.png
Screenshot 340.png

So... yes, it's Melee... but it's an ABILITY that works WITH Melee.

I totally didn't notice (as I do this for HOURS A DAY) that the Hobgoblin doesn't have Thorns. (LOL!- duh)... But I DID notice that you answered all my questions about your battle and shared your post. So, you still win!

Oh! And if you ever are wondering about abilities and such, go to the BATTLE page and to the right is HOW TO PLAY. It's a VERY LONG page of information. It's where I got the screenshots above.

Thanks so much for loving the game and playing!
😍 @carrieallen

@carrieallen, This response is really appreciable and definitely i will refer that section when i am not 100% sure about the Abilities and for other information.

Thank you so much and have a blessful time ahead.