Pilot Printing of promotional materials for Steem and related blockchain

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Year 2020 will be a Big one for me and for Steem.

I am seeing a great use case for Steem in the academic sector. This sector has suffered so much in my country and I am sure steem and other related blockchain like Telos can help.

Already, my dev project to leverage steem for academic research is already on build - 70% complete.

I am seeing steem incentivizing academic research and this forms a basis for my Promotional activities for Steem in 2020.

I decided to make pilot printing of the t-shirts and facecaps so you can make a review before mass production.

I am looking at printing about 50 branded t-shirts branded for Steem and Telos Blockchain which will be distributed to my staff.

Moreover, the branding will also be made for my Steem communities - @steemchurch @threespeak @sportstalksocial @marlians @ulogs @dblog @steemleo @actifit @writeandearn @dcooperation, etc. All my Steem communities would be well represented.

It is time we get our world hear about Steem and also see steem in us.

Thanks to @Godsgraph for helping out with the printing.

Watch this video and share your views on the çomments section. I also have some inspiring videos for you on my 3speak channel. Please , subscribe.

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