LeBron James NBA Champion with three different clubs

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He went to Miami and became a champion. He returned to Cleveland and won the title again. He went to Los Angeles and now the Lakers are back on the throne of basketball's most prestigious. It can't be denied, LeBron James is now in a category of its own. He has led three clubs to NBA titles, something no one has ever done. The phenomenon of LeBron's prowess has been burning for a long time and is getting better and stronger on Sunday night, when the Los Angeles Lakers won NBA championships for the 17th time by beating the Miami Heat in the world's first new bubble.

James does have his own way of holding four titles. He was a four-time NBA Finals MVP, the second player to win that many titles. He did it all with the NBA's biggest target on his back, with every action and every word scrutinized and frequently criticized. James has become the epitome of an independent superstar, something many have tried but few have had the opportunity to do. He did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, however he wanted and he was amazingly successful. Bill Russell may forever have more champion rings and Michael Jordan will forever be the choice of many as the greatest player in NBA history. However, LeBron James is still LeBron James who in many ways cannot be compared to any other player. James traced the path that opened on its own.

James never forgot that he was once the poor boy from Akron, Ohio. He founded the school and remains involved with the problems there. He is actively trying to get more people, especially blacks, to choose a better life than before. James also dedicated the title to Lakers fans who didn't have him for 10 years and he did it the year the fans needed him most. James let them cry out of joy after all the tears of anguish that accompanied Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash in January.

35-year-old James finished this year's postseason with 580 points and 184 assists; no one her age has ever done that. Even if he slows down, he doesn't show it. He had 32 points in his first playoff game 14 years ago, and he surpassed that six times in this year's postseason run. James is 4,148 points behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to lead history's all-time leading scorer in the regular season, meaning he will have to play at least two more full seasons to reach that target.

Sunday night's final was his 260th career playoff appearance, past Derek Fisher for an all-time record. He is the All-NBA Stars for the 16th time this season. It's no wonder more fans have voted for him as MVP this season than Giannis Antetokounmpo, who was crowned the NBA for the award. Other players like Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabar, or Michael Jordan could have won more, but no one in the NBA won like James did. LeBron James does have its own way.


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