Lewis Hamilton will discuss a contract with Mercedes this week

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said he did not want to rush into talking about Lewis Hamilton's contract, but talks between the two are expected to be held in the next few days. According to Woolf, his party will give Hamilton a few days to enjoy his victory and the achievement of his seventh world title at the Turkish Grand Prix last weekend.

Wolff had previously joked to reporters that Hamilton's victory at the Turkish Grand Prix and his achievement that matched Michael Schumacher's record would make the 35-year-old's contract cost more. However, that did not make him resign. He only emphasized that he did not want to rush into a decision.

He said it was not that his party had not found the right time. Only, he does not want to stress his team by saying "before the Bahrain Grand Prix" or "before Abu Dhabi" Mercedes will announce a new contract.

As such, the contract extension between Mercedes and Hamilton is likely to come before the two consecutive Formula 1 races scheduled for Bahrain on November 26 and December 6. It could also be before the final series in Abu Dhabi on December 13.

However both Wolff and Hamilton have provided hints that the two sides are interested in continuing next season together.

Meanwhile, Hamilton also admitted that he did not want to rush to sign a contract with Mercedes. He still wants to focus on the remaining races this season.


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