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Today I decided not to write any post. I want to have good discussion with all football lovers in the #sportstalksocial. There is an issue that has been causing a lot of arguments among all football lovers.

English team qualify for the first time in the history of European Cup for final to book a match final with Italy after getting a penalty in extra time of the match that ended 1-1 at full time against the Danish team.

My bone of contention here is to know if the penalty given to England really worth it?


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I believe the penalty shouldn't have been awarded has Raheem Sterling went down to easily and there was barely a contact

Thanks dude. So many football fans believe the penalty really worth it while some believe it doesnt worth it.

Yeah. The referee should have used the the VAR to get a clearer view but he decided not to for reasons best know to him. Just feel sad for Denmark having to get heart broken that way

There heart was initially broken with event that happened to the captain so this sentimental push given to denmark I think it's enough

Well I guess you're right. We Just didn't want their fairy tale run to come to an end :-).

Yes nice seeing them getting to the finals of euro2020, the actually made a history right there but im curious if they will turn out to be the winner of euro2020 cup.


The Azzuries with match them blood for blood, sweat for sweat they have never and will never sing coming home after SUNDAY

The chances are slim to me ,cause am tipping the Azzurri's to come out good and win the match

Definitely just like the likes of Jose Mourinho and Wenger as said,that is not a penalty and it is bad cause they didn't allow the refree to decide that, Raheem sterling was already expecting a contact and be didn't even allowed it to really happened before going down in the box,I would have preferred if he was booked for diving instead

In the game of football we all have different view on it, some are following football centimeters why Some are viewing and some are for analysis
So we all have different opinion and for the penalty is the reff decision