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RE: 500 FREE SPS TOKENS JUST FOR ENTERING! First Goalscorer + Correct Score Comp. No 291: EPL Leicester v Newcastle : 7 May 2021 - 6000 + 5000 SPS Token

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Please only use the chary hashtag for charity posts.
Please stick to the rules, otherwise you wil get dovnvoted or even blocked.
See also:
Here are the rules:
The Chary Rules

  • Don't upvote yourself in comments or other accounts from you!
  • Use the chary tag for charity content only!
  • Use the chary tag only once a day!
  • Don't post content, that has nothing to do with charity
  • If you ignore the rules, you will get downvotes or kicked out of the CHARY system

Regards, Achim


@achimmertons , I unreservedly apologise. I thought I'd read that charities earned money form the sale of tokens and hence generating them made money but obviously I didn't understand. I will go back and re-read how your community works and make sure that no more posts from me include the tag for unrelated posts.
I have actually given away millions of Sports Tokens in the last couple of years to people who visit this daily blog.
Apologies once again and I wish you well with your project but I genuinely don't quite understand how charities get help from your token model. Time for some reading!
Best wishes

Hi @leedsunited , @nathen007 ,
no problem :-)
Chary is a donation project. By buying $CHARY you support people, that have used the #chary hashtag and have been upvoted.
So only people, that have done Something good to others, should get $CHARY.

Regards, Achim