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RE: More SPORTS Token Whales Were Coming

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It's nice to see people climb the ladder in a community like this. I commend everyone. I will like to share my little displeasure about what I observed. I guess there is this cabal thing where familiar set of people award more sports token than to names that are not known to them. I just want to point out that it takes a lot to sit, task the brain to write something out of our leisure time and all you get is 275 token, 800 token, 1800 token. The first time I got 8000 and 11,000 token, I was like wow... So it is possible to get this. I almost got discouraged if not for the love of connecting with people that I get to share sport Gist with.
I plead with whoever is prorating the token to scrutinize post well and award token appropriately.
I stand to be corrected. I am just sharing something that might concern most people but they don't know how to express it.

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