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RE: SPORTS TODAY 25th April - 1 HIVE + 200 SPORTS givewaway

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It's great to see you doing so much for my favorites tribes and how doesn't love sports my favorite is football


Whenever I see football I think of American football. Because football here = American football and soccer here = Football in the rest of the world.

Thisbalways confuses me.
A dumb question - What is the difference ?
I know a lot of people have red face after reading my question

there is none! its just some countries have their own sports for the name football, so they adopt the name soccer instead.

Well American foot ball is different as you generally don't kick the ball but you carry the ball to the goal. Its a fairly different game as people are busy trying to get the ball across the different goal lines and you can just look up NFL for what it looks like.

I'm the same we call it soccer here, and football means rugby instead, but I've adjusted.

Ah yeah seems like each and every country has different terms lol it is so confusing sometimes .

Ah it's nice to know it wasn't just the US. It sure is weird to adjust things because the words are different.

It's my pleasure :)

I like football but I love cricket and Tennis .

I love cricket too but it's a time consuming game

Sports is one topic that most of people can talk about even if you do not support a game or team.