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Most times, seeing the manner and ways some of the fans of a particular team most especially in sports like football, basketball, etc. gets frantic if their team is not performing as expected in quote “badly” I wonder in within of me “who takes the blame”. This is very interesting because most times team fans usually put the blame on the coach and this...gets me wondering why?

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There are quite a number of sports that have coaches/managers as well. We all know that in a sport played in teams like football, basketball, etc., there involves a system. The manager/coach, the players, room staff, medical unit and other personnel involved makes up a team. Without the roles played by different people that are part of the team, there is no success assurance of that particular team. Their roles work hand in hand towards a better performance of the team on the pitch.

Why then do managers takes the blame when a team is not performing well, when a team involves a lot of persons playing and taking part?

We know very well that the manager takes charge of a team and this as his/her job role is to set up the team structure, the formation, player selection, tactics and how they play. Not just the job role of the manager but the player’s role as to carrying out the instructions on the pitch.

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Although the manager may sometimes be faulty in managing the team, what will the manager do in the case where some players are not good enough carrying or executing the given instructions effectively?

As earlier stated, there are quite a number of people playing a tangible role in a team’s performance. What if the medical unit and other units did not do their job as suppose, the players may not perform at their best and if the outcome is negative “bad”, the blames still falls back to the manager.

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Sometimes, the department taking care of signing the right players and also signing the right manager could also be a factor as to the poor performance of a team. There is no method or procedure telling who should take the blame because the reason for the poor performance could come from any side.

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To me... I think everyone should be blamed!!
what's your opinion here?


For me, it'snot about trading blames but taking responsibilities. Every single stakeholder in the team's circle must be ready to be at their best in doing the needful.

Yeah that's a good question. There must be some stuff that goes on behind the scenes such as being great at recruiting as well. The blame in team sports can very rarely be pushed onto a single person but you are correct, it frequently falls on the shoulders of the coach.