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Bayern out of UCL !
Nice game from PSG, they hit the posts twice, could have made a much different game.
But they proved they are solid this year :)

I thought Bayern will still qualify to the finals this season like they did last season. But they have really tried. We have to wait for their return next season's UCL

Bayern are renewing the team, but they are a winning team and will play the final again soon.

Surely, they soon will

Before you say that, remember that history of football is not really predictable.
They're likely to look like AC Milan in time to come.

Bayern won't be like AC milan

Well, it's only a matter of time.
Footballers don't stay forever. They're like soldiers and barracks

Yeah, they're suffering defense leukemia.
It's too weak to fight other team's strikers

They will do better next season

Okay. I hope so

Truly, they tried their very best to keep out the big boys from winning the cup again.
They're now among the expected teams to take the league cup home.
What's your finalists prediction?

Very difficult to say honestly but if I have to risk a prediction I'll say PSG vs Real :)

Well, mine would be PSG vs City

The city is still rocking the field. I can see the joy in the heart of the city fans. They just took their victory by winning Dormund. The game ended 1:2. Up Manchester City

Up City.
They played well. The first shock they have was the unpredictable penalty.
I see them playing the final game with PSG.
Mark my words

Congratulations to us that won

We made it.

Ahead ahead


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I watched the LAL vs CHA NBA game today. The final score was 101-93 and the Lakers won.

I am a Lakers fan so I am glad they won. The game changing quarter was the 3rd quarter and they managed to get a decent lead. However I was a little worried during the 4th quarter when the game was even again.

I'm glad your team won today, this should call for celebration o. What do you think?

Yea I think it calls for a celebration but I think I'll wait for the end of the season and see how well they do first.

Please, remember me in your celebration o

PSG and Chelsea pass by, some suffering more than others but they passed. Today it's City vs. Dormunt and Liverpool vs. Real Madrid. Who do you think will go to the next round?

Man City and Real madrid should easily reach semis.

I'm rooting for City and Liverpool tonight but I have the feeling they will both be out tonight :D

Mehnnn.... Tonight is going to be war with Real Madrid. I'm very sure Liverpool will want to fight back, but Real Madrid will still take the victory. As for Dormunt Vs City, it's a sure victory for the City........... It's going to blow tonight.

Real Madrid and Man City will qualify for the semi finals

That's what I'm seeing, but the team's formation for each match will determine their victory.

That's right bro.
We have the same predictions.
The next stage of the league is well predictable

Yes, you are right my dear..... But I doubt Liverpool Winning the game. As for City, I still say it's a sure winning for them

And it happened the same way we thought

Real and City will head to the semi finals

It's crystal clear that Manchester City and Real Madrid will qualify.
These two teams are well capacitated to take their victories.
Am not a fan of both teams but I see them winning.

Yesterday's Champions League matches all favoured the teams that won yesterday. Even though PSG lost to Bayern Munich and Chelsea lost to Porto, they both qualified for the semi finals.

Well, I can't say that they were favored even though they loss their games.
All I can say is that they qualified even though they loss their matches.

Best of luck to them in their next clash

Yeah. I can't afford to miss watching them clash

Qualifying is qualifying even if they lose. It just means they were lucky enough to pass but whether or not they can go further will depend on their own skill.


I don't know how prepared Liverpool is to take on Real Madrid today. They lost to Real Madrid last week and today, i think they will win or draw but Real Madrid will qualify for the Semi-finals

You're very right.
I don't see Liverpool going beyond this level.
They don't have the capacity to attempt winning Madrid.
I pity their hopes of winning.

And they truely did not

I guess I predicted correctly.