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Good morning to everyone .

What can we discuss here?

  • Anything related to sports .

  • Live matches which are going on .

  • Discuss what you felt about a particular match after it is over .

  • Predict and share what you think about upcoming matches .

  • Talk about sports betting if you are interested , post odds which you think is good to bet on .

  • But mainly - live matches discussion ? That would be fun.

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Congratulations to us that won

That's right.
I wasn't able to make it yesterday.
Congrats to you

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Am fully active today.
Yesterday, I was tired to be online

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Thanks for the award.

I wasn't actively engaged yesterday.
Congrats to the winners

Thanks for the tokens as always.

Thanks so much for the reward.

Who's watching today's English premier league game?


Who's likely to win?
For me, I think Tottenham will win without much stress.
Everton is just there to earn their loss.

I predicted 1-1 on the prediction post but it ended up being 2-2 lol.

I said it. And they have draw the game. It's was an interesting game to see them battle at equal rate.

Yea it was a good match. I had some time towards the end so I watched the final half hour or so of the match.

That's right. The both teams deserve to win but it must be one winner. Therefore, they decide to draw, sharing the points.

Yeah, at least you guessed that it will be a draw.
You're only wrong with the figures

It was tough to predict given the odds between both teams so it was probably a lucky guess. But at least in football, I prefer a draw since it means both teams are fighting to neck and neck to get a win.

Okay. That's right. The two teams in quote are good ones but the fact remains that one has to win, lose or draw.

Tie at 2-2 could not be, lost the bet.

Am happy that you didn't put a bet on the game.
Tomorrow is another day

Looks like Everton is up 2-1..that would have been a nice winning based on those odds

Well,the odds are good but it's a draw.
Tottenham can not lose this time

I spoke to early half way through the match

I hope you're watching the weekend games?

I bet on Everton against the forecast, to see if I am lucky.

Well, it's a draw.
You loss

I see Tottenham Winning or the game turns draw.

You're right.
It ended in a draw

Ok lets start this off with the Pakistan vs South Africa T20 match tonight (in 6 hours time) who do you think ill win?

Pakistan are the favourites at 1.60, but I have a hunch that South Africa will take it, we'll see.

I think the home crowd advantage, and the fact they will be hungry to avenge the big loss last match will be the motivating factor for them to take it out? any thoughts?

its about to start in less than an hour who do you think will win the toss?

Cricket! It is a sport that I do not dominate, but I am dying to know who won.

Well south Africa went into bat first and got 144.. not a great score but still ok..we will see if Pakistan can chase it

Looks like it is still ongoing. From what I see on the numbers, it looks like South Africa is doing quite well today. I don't follow cricket as much so I don't know too much about the sport itself.

Pakistan players are also good o. They may win the game.

You were right they won with one ball to spare winning the series 3 to 1. Lucky I didn't take that bet

Tonight's premier league will be war. Let's see what the score will be.

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Another game tonight.
FRANCE: Ligue 1
21:00 Lille vs Montpellier

This game is not a big game but will have to be watched because we have less games tonight.
Who do you think will win?