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I had some time today to watch the NBA game of LAC vs. PHI. The ending score was 103-106 and the Clippers lost.

It was an uphill battle today for the Clippers as they were only ahead for a short period of time during the 4th quarter. A lost today for them and I hope they do better next game.

only 3 points in it, all it would have taken is a 3 pointer to level the match, its fascinating how many games finish so close like that.

Yea I felt that they were a bit lacking in that game. The Clippers spent most of the time lagging behind the entire game so I thought they would of made the final push.

Chelsea seats on the better position to go home with the FA cup after defeating Manchester City this evening.
This game has been and will be on many news paper's front page.
Am so happy that Chelsea found a way to settle this season with at least a cup.
Who watched this game?

Congratulations to Chelsea on their victory tonight.

I see them taking the FA cup

Wow.... I wish I had time to see this match. Chelsea has really pushed hard this season. I'm glad they won.

They have really pushed it this time

I failed to watch the game since I was busy. I can tell Chelsea won from the comments.

It wasn't easy for them to win

Did you enjoy the match? It seemed like it was an amazing match where both sides tried their best. Those tend to be the most enjoyable.

The match was a good fight.
Chelsea scored and protected their goal.
It was a nice one

Did Anyone watch the IPL cricket Match, Chennai super Kings V Punjab Kings. the Super kings won by 26 balls, quite convincingly. no wonder they are the super kings, not the kings... ha!

U see that you're a big fan.
That's why you're giving the a better name.Super!.
Good evening.

Not really a fan of that team, but that's their official name... check out their website for proof

Ok. I see

What will you follow more today, the 2021 Portuguese GP with the return of Marquez or the FI Emilia Romogna 2021 GP?

yeah the qualifying is about to begin in 5 mins, Max Verstappen is the favourite for fastest lap at $2.75, and then Lewis Hamilton at $3.50, we'll see how they go. I think Lewis got this.. for pole position.

looks like Lewis Hamilton has the fastest lap so far



In the end Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes 1st everything remains the same. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Such a massive win for Barcelona today in the Copa del Rey against Athletico Bilbao. Congrats to Barca

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.2 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments @mcdaymtn

Thanks for the award.

Congratulations to the winners.
Happy weekend 🎉🎉🎉🎉

I wish you the same dear. I can feel from this end that you really enjoyed the weekend match.

Yeah. I did.

thanks so much for the reward.

With 8 good shots on target, Bayern Munich found Wolfsburg's net 3times. The match almost ended a 3:3 draw but Bayern kept their momentum really high and won the match.
Wolfsburg vs Bayern 2:3

It sounds like a really interesting match. I missed it but I think Bayern was my pick of the winner since I don't know Wolfsburg much.

Bayern is wow..... This is a Max surprise o. Wonderful performance by the Bayern team.

Im happy to see Bayern making a win in today's league game.
It would have been a mess if they loss

Oh mehn...... I think I have missed alot today. My day was so busy. I went for a music arrangement for an upcoming event. I really missed talking sports here. What are we discussing today?

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Congratulations to the winners

Happy weekend to you

good day all and happy glorious sunday. I want to believe we all went to church to catch the holyghost? as for mine, i was deeply blessed in church. since morning i have been checking on @amr008 block if the post for today's discussion is out, but i have not seen one yet. guys what do you think? lets continue the discussion here on till the post for today is out, i have missed talking about sports with you guys.

hello friends, today being 18th April at my end, i prepared my schedule including seeing Arsenal vs Fulham and Man United vs Burnley matches, its going to rock well today. guys what is your prediction on these matches? to me Arsenal will win the game and Manchester United will take the victory again.

guys are not here to make this match between Arsenal and Fulham interesting discussion for me. alright, i am still looking forward to have my friends join me soon, the game is on going and Fulham is striking hard with the Arsenals. Fulham has scored a goal, lol.... this is funny that i chose Arsenal to win, but i wont give up hope because Arsenal is pushing forward to equalize and score more. haaaaa