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congratulations to everyone that participated

Congratulations to all that participated.

Oh no, I actually forgot that I did not complete my 3 commnets per day here but notwithstanding, congratulations to each and everyone of them. Goodluck to them.

It happens , no worries .
How are you ?

Which is the recent match you saw ?

Yeah, it does. I am doing good just having cough and how are you doing too?
Actually the recent match I saw was yesterday's Women UEFA Champion League.
Funny enough, Manchester City crahsed out of the league after been beaten by Barcelona while Chelsea team continues the match after whipping the asses of Wolfsburg.

It is indeed an irony of life how the Manchester City team are in the top position in the Premier league table looking unbeatable while there women suffer defeat from Barcelona team in the Uefa Champion League. They can't eat there cake and have it all. Lols...

Good luck today. You can definitely make it to 3 comments today to get the rewards tomorrow.

Lols... Thanks for the wish and I actually have made more than 3 comments today.

Thanks a lot for the prize.

West Indies v Sri Lanka 2nd test match on today.
Any one have any comments ?

no one for Sri Lanka ?
I will go with them for moral support 🤣🤣😁

West Indies will always take the victory..... They no de carry lass.

No idea on either team but I think West Indies will win based on the odds.

I would go for the West Indies, they are good.

I feel sad for Andre Drummond since it was his first game with the Lakers. I guess there just isn't you can do about injuries since they are unexpected. I hope he gets well soon.

Playing any game is like being in the warfront. One can get injured at any time. All my wish is his quick recovery to be able to face the next match.

Yea injuries are just way too common in Sports in general. I prefer if they don't get injured so the game is more interesting but the unexpected is also the reason why I love watching the matches.

Well it is actually a pity for him but just like you said, in game injuries must happen, so sad it happened to him on his first game with his team. This things happens, so when they were signing in, they signed to accept whatever fate brings there way on the pitch.

I hope he recovers quickly.

Yea the injuries hurt but I definitely wasn't expecting it on his debut game into the team. I will just chalk it up to bad luck and I guess the adrenaline kept him in game until half-time.

Who else is anticipating the Premier league match that is happening on Saturday between Chelsea and West Brom because I can't wait for that day.

I have no idea about both the teams but i still would take a random guess and go with Chelsea.
Just because i like the name :-)

Lols... You are actually funny, you will go for the team just because you like the name? Anyways, I too will put my whole bet on Chelsea team because they are the best.

I think Chelsea will win since I know more about them compared to West Brom.

I actually don't know so, I think so. Those guys have become more tougher since the reign of Thomas Tuchel although West Brom team aren't that bad and shouldn't be underestimated but I still will support Chelsea team.

I think all the football prediction matches from leedsunited just has me pointing towards Chelsea. I usually don't see the predictions with West Brom thus I defaulted to the ones I have knowledge about.

Hmmmm. My dear.... The way Chelsea is playing this days, I'm afraid o. They may loose for west Brom.

Well Well Well, I am shock at your reply but I don't want to argue with you on this aspect because football is an unpredictable game so anything can happen but on the aspect of Chelsea loosing to West Brom I think it is a dream not yet in making because the strength of Chelsea can't be compared with West Brom.

Chelsea guys are far better than West Brom but notwithstanding, it is football so anything can happen. Let's just keep our fingers crossed and wait for that day.