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Guardiola won 500 wins after beating Wes Ham on 27/2 yesterday

Damn , what's the highest though ? I mean who has the highest wins as manager , any idea?


I'm not 100% sure on this but I would guess Sir Alex. I remember reading that he managed a total of over 2000 matches while winning around 60% of them. I know that Arsene Wenger had around 900 wins in total across his career but I'm quire sure Sir Alex beats him.

I thought so too . One of the very few managers whom I respect and love a lot .

Amazing achievement from Guardiola. 500 wins is no small number. On top of that he's the fastest ever manager in the Premier League to reach 200 wins. In only 273 matches! That's a 73% win ratio. He took the spot from Mourinho who did it in 309. So long special one!

a very extraordinary achievement.

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That's an amazing record!

Love this initiative! I tend to follow the match threads on Reddit while watching football games. Would be great to have something like that here instead.

That is what I am trying to aim too .

We get rewarded here and it increases the engagement too .

Glad you hopped on :) We need to create more awareness about this post so that more users get active here.

@hykss.sports what do you say?


I'd love to share live events beers&comments with the community here :D
We could even share some streaming links if allowed.

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I absolutely agree. If you keep on making these posts I'll be sure to engage in them and also share them on my Twitter. I mainly follow Premier League football so that will be my area of expertise.

Thanks. In the beginning it might take some time to get users over here but once we have sufficient number we can really turn this to something .

I will make sure I retweet your tweet :)

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That would be so cool if we could get this going here. Most be many people interested in PL

Hello sport friends! What game did you watch today?

Well, I watched the Flamengo game at the premiere of the state championship. We won and that's what matters :)

Amazing :) You are here.

I watched a bit of tennis ( actually an old match lol ) It was wimbeldon of 2008 if I am not wrong .

I don't watch soccer anymore.

Love watching tennis. Wimbledon is my favorite even. Mainly liked watching Pete Sampras play.

Woah I loved him. His serve is one of the best , I even tried to imitate it.

For sure. We all would try to copy him when when practicing. Growing up we would play tennis 3 times a week for 3 hours. It was soo fun

Now I never play.

Seriously? Same here . I used to coach small kids till last year but I had to give it up . I was at my prime during my college days and then suffered an injury , so had to give it up ( :((( ) but I used to play daily except Sunday .

Same. I will teach my kids how to play just so they can teach others. It’s a good job in college around here. You can make way more than working most college jobs.

I watched a little bit of basketball as NBA matches are in full swing. Just tossed it on the side and listened to the game. As someone who lives in California, I don't mind watching the Clippers or Lakers.

I watched Manchester City against Wolverhampton in the Premier League yesterday. I was surprised that City didn't produce anything for the first 80 minutes. In the end they shower perseverance and emerged as the victor. 3 goals in 15 minutes! Unstoppable team at the moment.

I’m excited to watch the 2021 nba Dunk contest.

What does people think about the Premier League matches tonight? Sadly I don't get to watch any of them. Perhaps I'll make it to see Crystal Palace - Manchester United.

Burnley - Leicester
I think will be an interesting one. Leicester have been great this season but their display against my beloved Arsenal wasn't impressive. I think we'll have a tight match though could end up going both ways.

Sheffield United - Aston Villa
Sheffield has been abysmal all season. I see no reason why they would suddenly be good today. There is no progress in their form. Aston Villa will trample them.

Crystal Palace - Manchester United
Manchester United has been showing great progression this season. Crystal Palace has been nothing but average. Manchester United was however trampled by Crystal Palace in the first match of the season. We'll have to see but I think a Manchester United in form will win this one.


The game I have most interest in is the Crystal Palace - Manchester United.
Want to see what Man U can do against a tricky Palace

Barcelona - Sevilla tonight. It's the second leg of La Copa Del Rey semi final.
Barcelona lost 2-0 on Sevilla pitch, do you think they have what it takes to go through the final ?

I will go with Barcelona to win for this one .
If they draw it out - I mean if they finish 3-1 then they will lose right?

Barca have to win. They need it with all the trouble they have been through

I'm back now people! Glad to see so many new people joining the discussion :)