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UTAH JAZZ VS Philadelphia 76ers

They needed the refs tonight to beat the jazz.

I hate it when the refs affect the game. I remember a NCAA bball game my Gators were in against butler where we were crushing them but the refs decided to make it close for the viewership and threw thee consecutive fouls on us to slow us down. But they threw them all on our center (1 may have been deserved, the other two were BS) essentially removing him from the game. Butler went on to win and I've never trusted the refs since.

Entertaining match so har at Craven Cottage. Both Fulham and Tottenham has had at least one huge chance each. Anyone else watching the match?

My biggest problem is that I've been spending so much time "engaging" that I never have time to actually watch sports

Lol it also happens to me. I generally pop some sports on the side if I remember. I think for me, it's generally basketball with other sports occasionally.

Lol lol , to be honest my goal with respect to this particular post is that - " You watch a match on the TV and meanwhile you post about it here " . It's like we both are far apart but discussing the match LIVE .


Command accepted!

My sports watching has almost stopped thanks to the double Cs, Covid and Crypto. Watched my first NCAA Basketball game the other day and was so distracted cause of what I was doing on the computer I barely paid attention.

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

What do you make of the Manchester united match yesterday? it must have been a doll Play, the results ain't too surprising I guess

Well I didn't find time to watch it actually but I was thinking 2-0 Man U but it ended as a draw :(

Maybe @pusen , @coyote.sports or @anderssinho has better input on this match .

Well me neither, I went to bed right after the first kick off.

Lol I see. Which other sports do you watch?


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For now it's only Football, maybe you can recommend better sports that I can get a stream from my phone if not a home.

What kind generally interests you ? I am a fan of Tennis as well as Cricket and I love both :)

Right now cricket match is going on , does it interest you?

I'm not really a cricket guy, but I dig long tennis at times

Honestly I was so busy all day that I forgot all about the kick-off. Remembered the match was on when there was just 10 minutes left to go so I didn't bother. Sounds like it was quite the bore though. I see that the Norwegian news outlet VG did a vote if it's the most boring football match this season of the Premier League. 10000 votes and 85% says yes. Guess that sums it up.

Yes, if you didn't watch it you didn't miss anything ...

That one and Leicester draw giving City a mere 14 points lead with 11 games left...
I'd say Premier League is cooked this season, let's see who's going to play in Champions league except them.

I just don't see anyone overtaking City this season. As we've seen today and the last couple of rounds the current top 4 teams are good but much more prone to dropping points than what City are. The battle for CL is gonna be a good one this year though. It's a tight fit.

Agree with you, City looks unbeatable in Premier League this season.
Now I'm waiting for them to step up in Champions League. Every single season I'm expecting a lot from them but they always end up disappointing... maybe this year is theirs !
But Bayern looks so strong once again.

Agreed! I can't explain why but I don't expect, and never have expected, City to achieve anything in the Champions League. There's no reasoning behind it, just subconscious disbelief. It just never feel like they'll manage.

Man U plays such boring football right now. Feels like they are not really believing that they had a chance for the title

Cricket - Pollard hits 6 sixes in an over

Well this is only for those who love cricket lol . He joins gibbs and Yuvraj in this marvelous milestone.

Cricket - Ind vs England

Today the 4th match starts . What are you thoughts ? England chose to bat first.

Indian vs England must be a very friendly atmosphere, both loving each other a lot right ? :D
Cricket not being a contact sport, is there any "trick" to show the opponent you really hate his guts ?

Cricket not being a contact sport, is there any "trick" to show the opponent you really hate his guts ?

Lots of sledging goes on . Cricket used to be a gentleman game but for me not anymore . It's all about aggression now and the players most often use vulgar words to opponents.

Oh they are also big fan of thrash talking now ? haha

Ah yeah you can call it that but it is totally unnecessary . It's not like they are trying to pump themselves up , it's just blatant humiliation to the opponents sometimes and the commentators term it as "passion" .

What about the famous 'bodyline' tour between England and the Aussies where they were deliberately trying to bowl AT the batsman? Great movie about it if you haven't seen it yet!

Lol yeah I have seen it . Ashes to be honest are the best and the worst of Cricket .

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Intermilan is at the top of the Serie A standings for three weeks. This is a pride for its supporters. Everyone hopes that Antono Conte's team can survive to win the Scudetto title.

For me, Conte is not the manager who Inter needs, he is wasting the talent of players like Sanchez or Eriksen, they have remained high thanks to the great level of Lukaku and Lautaro, but I think that this team is not showing its full potential because of their technician

It's all about winning titles. Maybe they needed to sack Eriksen and Sanchez to build a successful team instead

For me, sanchez was already burned when he arrived, but around Erikssen they can build an excellent team (the last weeks is what Conte has doing) Erikssen is a crack!

You know this year I thought it would have been for Milan but Inter is incredibly solid.
That's going to change from Juventus haha.

Well, i want to talk about the victory of the FC Barcelona today, do you think they got chances to win defeat PSG on Champions?

Oh man just watched the highlights and that must have been a crazy tense game !
The equalizer a the very last second of regular time...
Felt like Sevilla could have played this game during 180 minutes, they still wouldn't be able to score. Even failing a penalty kick.

Now in Champions League it's going to be a tough one. They play away and they need to score at least 4...
I think a lot of PSG players are missing though, could be an opportunity.
Or they could bribe the referee as they always do :D

that's right, the game was a back and forth and Sevilla played very well but Barcelona came out to win and when the individual and the collective come together at Barca, things like today happen, if they play like that against PSG I think they have a chance.

Great victory from Barcelona. They've been scoring a lot of goals lately but so has PSG. Barcelona seem to be way more prone to letting in goals as well. PSG has the better defence. I hope that we get a thriller of a match but if I were to make a bet my money would be on PSG advancing to the next round.

@pusen we should open an bet with hive for that hahahaha, I just ask for a great game, with emotions and good momments, not just another boring bad performance of the Barcelona


I think we'll see a great game. I think Barcelona might even win the game but not by a margin big enough to advance. I can do a bet with SPORTS but my have is sacred. 😅

Well there still 6 days for the match, but I'm optimist with my Barcelona, I bet 500 PORTS

It's on! 500 SPORTS on PSG winning.

Well don't think they can go through, to many goals to catch up to. I'm most interested to see what's going to happen to the club in general. Will Messi stay?

Messi Will stay if Barcelona make at least semifinals of champions and win some tittle, that's my thoughts, so about the result, they have already beat PSG with the goalscore against in a champions face to face

The Wild got smoked in Vegas tonight with the only news of note the fact that Zack Parise was a healthy scratch for the first time in his 9 seasons with the Wild. He's getting old.

Liverpool - Chelsea tonight !
The one losing is making a serious dent in their Champions League qualification hope.
Is Liverpool going to continue screwing their season ? :D

I know you said no betting tips but will you be willing to bet against me ?


Well I'll be betting reds, are you a blues fan ? :D

Not really but I am a fan of betting lol so it's a deal -

Me Chelsea and You Liverpool - 100 SPORTS .

Deal ! Klopp don't let me down please :D

Todays match is one I'm not gonna miss. I'll be banked in front of the TV. Liverpool are the bookies favorites. Looking at the stats Liverpool has won 3 of the last 5, Chelsea 1 and 1 ended in a draw.

It's gonna be hard to predict with the current form of the teams. If Liverpool are at their best they'll win. If they continue the same display as the last couple of months it'll be a far different story. We'll just have to see. I'm looking forward to this one.

Liverpool form is horrific with 4 loses within last 5 PL games... but these are more of a fight than a game anyway :)
Let's enjoy some good football tonight !

French Ligue 1 is full of uncertainty this season !
3 clubs fighting for the title with 10 games left, it doesn't happen often to be frank.
The less expected contender is leading the pack followed by the 2 biggest budgets of the league.
I'm glad we don't have a PSG with 10 points lead as usual :)

Yeah who could have guessed that before the season. What a failure it would be if PSG wont win the league or CL this year.

Another day another three Premier League matches! Yesterday I was hoping to watch one match but didn't. Today I WILL watch at least one! Looking forward to Liverpool - Chelsea.

Pretty much all of my predictions fell through yesterday so let's see about today. Maybe betting the opposite of what I'm predicting is a way to earn some money?

West Bromwich Albion - Everton
It's hard to predict anything else than a victory for Everton in this one. WBA has only won 3 matches this season which is the lowest in the league. They've also let in 55 goals in total which is 9 more than the next on the list. A goal hungry Everton fronted by Calvert-Lewin will see this through I'm sure.

Fulham - Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham has been up and down in form this season. They've also won 4 of the 5 last matches against Fulham with 1 ending in a draw. With Kane on the field I think they'll be minced. Even Bale has been showing form recently.

Liverpool - Chelsea
The big one! I need to watch this one! This will either be a thriller or a one-sided fun ride. Both teams are coming out of a run of terrible form. Liverpool has been looking a wee bit sharper in their last matches in my opinion. It's hard to predict something, but all I can think is that it won't end in a draw.

Thoughts? Discuss!

The match between Liverpool and Chelsea which will take place at Anfield stadium is the game I have been waiting for. Chelsea under the new coach have transformed into a strong team, they are still unbeaten. Moreover, Liverpool have not performed well in the last few matches. Anfield Stadium is not as scary as it used to be, teams like Brighton and Bunrley have proven it this season

March Madness is getting ready to fire off. I haven't really watch hardly any basketball so far this year, but I'm looking forward to the tournaments. My Gators have had a half-way decent season.