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Thanks a lot for the rewards as always. The summer Olympics started in Tokyo, one more topic we can discuss

Yeah mate, this is really a great topic to discuss in the world of football. After the just concluded euro what next is the Tokyo Olympics.
I believe we shall look to that
Thanks for the tip on that

Football yes, but also so many other sports: basketball with all the NBA stars, handball, volleyball, track and field of course, cycling... Not enough hours in the day to watch them all, that's for sure.

Quite a lot of sports to pay attention to. Would be following closely that of Football, basketball, tennis and ofcourse the track and field events

yeah this is another fantastic tournament going on. i don't really know this was actually going on before. so who is your favorite team to win the Olympic?

If you're talking about football, then Brazil is the biggest favorite. With their win against Germany today, they seemed determined to retain their Gold medal.

Nice. Time to stay glued to the TV once again. I believe we have a lot more sports to discuss. Here should be flooded with other sports apart from just football

Absolutely, I'm of course a big fan of football, but also so many other sports. Not sure it's new this year, but I saw that in addition to normal basketball, there is also a 3v3 tournament at the Olympics. That could be fun to watch as well

Yeah lof of sports to follow as it with the Olympics. Didn't really know of this new basketball game. Should be really an interesting with three aside. Will make more research on how exactly the format is

I used to play 3v3 when I was a kid, this was called streetball at the time. That was pretty famous then, but I didn't think that was still a thing, let alone an official sport at the Olympics.

Yeah. I guess the usual play back then at the neighborhood. But quick question, do they still use the standard back court for this new format?

Yeah, it's played on half court, actually a little shorter than half. It's super quick, with a shot-clock at 12 seconds instead of 24. It looks fun actually, there's more tonight, I will try and watch a bit

Are you planning to watch all the events or just specific ones?

All the events is just impossible, with so many taking place at the same time. But I'll try and catch at least some of the most famous track and field events (100m, 200m, relays), some of the basketball matches (on Sunday, France-USA should be interesting), handball and football. Like I said, way too many events, so watching summaries and highlights is the only option.

Welcome guys. Let's do this again. Many thanks to @amr008 for the tips.

Good job of you @amr008.sports. I really appreciate, thanks for the reward

Congratulations to all who won tokens today.

Glad to have you join us here today. Believe it's been quite a while

thank you so much for the reward.

Thanks for the tokens. Much appreciated

Thanks for the rewards.

FOOTBALL -Chelsea still wasting time on halland.

To me I don't know why Chelsea wasting time negotiating with Dortmund to sign halland this guy cost too much at this early stage and more over Dortmund are not willing to let him go now. There are some strikers out there that are better than him the like lewandoski this is a striker that gives you joy when it come to goal scoring he score with all his body and he is also an experience player . Chelsea should just forget about halland for now and look for a better fast option

i second your opinion. the player did not worth the price that Dortmund want to collect from Chelsea. i wont advice Chelsea to spend that much on the player that may ended up to be a flop. Most of the German league players that are purchase has not really been performing up to the rate they were performing when they are in their German team. i see no reason why Chelsea want to spend that much on him

I don't think Halland is worth it right now since he hasn't proven himself yet. If they do get him, it would mean that their options on other spots will be limited.

Surprisingly, Haaland seems to be their top priority. Other options, like Lewandoski would be their fallback options if they can't get him. Probably they want to start to build for the future, but that would be a big gamble.

It really depends what Chelsea is looking to do. Haaland is 21, while Lewandoski is already 32. Haaland could be a good pick for the future. But I agree, 150M is just crazy, particularly since he will be half that price next summer from what I understand.
Replacing Giroud, in my opinion one of the most overrated strikers, should not be too difficult for Chelsea, but they might have to lower their standards a bit (most reports say it's almost impossible for Kane, Lukaku, and very difficult for Lewandoski)

Chelsea must be looking at the long term in view, the reason why they are chasing the Norwegian international. They wouldn't be able to go for the polish forward Robert Lewandowski has he is a ageing player and that wouldn't be a good business move.

I doubt there's any young striker more prolific than Haaland at the moment. He alongside kylian Mbappe are the future of the game. So who wouldn't to have any of team on their side.

Chelsea might have spent enough time chasing him though. Maybe it's high they go for a player with their reach or looking deep into abundant of youth players and develop

Today I watched a clip of cricket match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka answer a funniest trying to one out by Sri Lankan keeper which ended in opposite team getting for runs

An over through may be ? Happens sometime :-(

Yeah it was overthrown which ended up getting 4 run

Europa Conference League

Drita vs Feyenoord

Prediction: Away to win

This prediction is the great one from you man I can add to this as
feyenoord should win and over 2.5
You're doing well friend,keep it up

I predict Drita to win this match.

sure this is the easiest work ever.

Decent prediction. Apart from the Netherlands club winning i.e Feyenoord, I expect the game to be a high scoring one with the away side ofcourse with most of the goals.

Europa Conference League

Sutjeska vs Maccabi Tel Aviv

Prediction: Away to win

Never come across the name of the home team. So I will be sticking with you too on this prediction. I expect the Israeli club to emerge victorious after all is set and done.

Good prediction mate.. maccabi tel Aviv to win either half of the match and over 1.5 goals is certain. No goal goal.

Europa Conference League

Pogon Szczecin vs Osijek

Prediction: GG

honestly the match you predicted today ended in a funny way as all the match ended in draw. not only draw but all ended in 0-0. though sometimes football can be like this.

Unfortunately this didn't play out has expected. It was one of those days were the goals dry up. The game ended in a stalemate at full time.

Good prediction this match will be over 2.5goals and both team to score.

After the big surprise yesterday in the women Olympics soccer tournament with the US losing their opening match 3-0 against Sweden, more surprises today in the men tournament. France was punished by Mexico 4-1 and Argentina lost 2-0 against Australia.

Big ups and downs there.
!luv 3

Yea I saw an article about the US losing. Looking at the various articles, some people are linking what they did at the beginning to the result but I don't think so. I just think they played poorly.

Of course, people disagreeing with their message will blame it for the results. But that's completely unrelated. The fact of the matter is they didn't play well, while Sweden did. It's only the group stage, I think this team has enough talent to turn it around and go far in the competition, and quiet their critics (usually not based on actual sports consideration). But we'll see, there are a few other strong teams like Brazil, France, etc...

Quite a shocker it was at the results when I earlier saw it. Guess the recent European Championship and Copa America tournament played a part as some teams didn't field most of their key players

Yes, it's pretty close to these two big competitions. But also, it's only under 23 years old players, except three of them. Even national teams with lots of young players usually have several players above 23. That's why the French team for instance is so different from what we saw at the Euro Cup.

Oh now I see. The next generation of french Players then will need to be improved is this is what they currently have. I expected them to more better than this

I think they also need to play together more. In football, I don't think the Olympics are really a priority, so these young players don't get to practice together very often. And with most European leagues starting very soon, I'm guessing everybody is trying to not get injured.

Yeah true about the injury part, not getting to practice often and the Olympics not really considered in the football aspect by some countries. But it's great national team field good players and give a good showing at this stage as the world is watching this sports.

And since it's limited to U23 players, some of them might get a chance to show what they can do, a chance they may not get with the usual national first teams.

Also in the men Olympic soccer tournament, Brazil (who won the Gold medal in the last Olympics in Rio) started strong with a win 4-2 against Germany. The Everton player Richarlison scored a hat trick in the first 30 minutes! I couldn't watch any of today's matches, I hope I can catch the highlights later today.

Oh a hat trick in the first 30 minutes? I'll have to go look for the video on that shot.

Thanks for the giveaway boss mate you are doing well keep up the good works.

Bolivar primera division:

San Jose?_?Independiente Petrolero

Independiente Petrolero wins

I am also predicting the game will be in favor of Petrolero

Bolivar primera division:
Bolivar?-?Oriente Petrolero

Bolivar wins

TENNIS (ATP Croatia)
Matin, Andrej - Alcaraz carlos
Away to win straight.

Brazil serie B