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Lakers lost to the Mavericks yesterday with a score of 110-115.

Game was even till the 3rd quarter or so. Afterwards the Lakers just couldn't take back the lead. I am a little disappointed but its part of the game.

Anyone watching cricket today ?
Any update on IPL?

Ok so Punjab won by9 wickets today
Tomorrow is RR vs KKR
Any guess who will win ?

I didn't watch but I am just gonna go guess RR. I don't either team though so its just a pure guess.

I am going to go Kolkata

Haven't really had the time today to watch cricket

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.167 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments

Thanks for running this, I was waiting for todays one, because there is another live cricket match on..

Zimbabwe are 2/37, against Pakistan after 8 overs, who do we think will win? Probably Pakistan I would say.. any views?

I was wrong, Zimbabwe won the match 118 to 99. The series is now level at 1-1

Who do you think will win the series out of the two teams?

Pakistan is my pick

Thanks for the award.

Thanks Mr sports

Thanks for the rewards as usual.

Congratulations to all the winners
It’s been a few days

Thanks so much for the reward.

Thanks and congratulations to the winners.


Welcome to today's prediction.
What is your take on the Arsenal vs Everton match?

Everton for sure.

Everton is the king of today's match. I can't joke with them before I loose my bet

It's already Friday and I will be watching Arsenal 2: 1 Everton that is my forecast, what do you think?

I don't see Arsenal beating Everton that way.
They're likely to either draw or lose.

Do you see Everton more fit than Arsenal or is it a wish?

Everton is not just more fit but capable.
Lastly,they win the game

My dear.... I can't believe what I saw o. If not for experience Everton would have played draw. Thanks to God they didn't put me to same. I still believe on the ability. Everton won the game by 1 goal.

Congratulations Daniella, you got it right.


I stand with Arsenal. They will take the lead today

I would say either Arsenal wins or draws.

I will go with Arsenal
3:1 Atlest

Arsenal accepted the defeat in good faith

Today, i with stand Arsenal as they will be hosting Everton in the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal to win

Everton bagged away with a win.
How does Arsenal feel about lost.
Full time score 0:1

It was written that Everton will take the victory. So I'm not surprised. Thank God my prediction came true and my bet was delivered.