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I was delighted to see USA female team win today's match..
New Zealand W - USA W 1:6
It was a fare fight for them.

Nice one seeing the team Us women finally getting to win after suffering their first since 2019 against Sweden the other day. This is quite a statement after demolishing the New Zealand women. Guess they are back to reclaim their spot at the top of women football.

Yeah. I wish they could, but this is a game of football. Anything can happen

Yeah indeed anything can happen as all team in the tournament are all looking to win the Gold medal and the trophy

For me, I think Netherland will win the gold medals

After checking their previous fixtures, they seem to really impressive. Would be really interesting to see them win. They wouldn't be having it easy though

Yeah. It's a competition. It's never easy

I'm watching the replay now, because I missed it live. It wasn't that easy during first half, the US scored quickly, but they only scored the second one just before half time, and after a scare with a nice and quick play from New Zealand almost scoring. They did have 4 goals disallowed for offside, they need to be a bit careful with that.

Yeah. It wasn't nice seeing them scoring an inconsiderable goals.
Thanks for stopping by with your feedback.

Oh it seems like the US did quite well. Was it a great match?

Hmm. You know it's ladies games. Everybody will be shouting

It's so strange to watch football and other team sports at the Olympics with no fans. You can hear all the talking and yelling between players, it's really unusual. Like I said, I'm watching the USA women soccer team match replay now, and they constantly talk with each other, along with the coaches yelling instructions from the side of course. Maybe they should play some background noise mimicking fans, so it sounds a bit more realistic.
Well, at least we get to see some matches, it's better than all being cancelled of course.

Oh that does sound weird. I haven't really been bothering to watch the Olympics as much though. It just doesn't feel as important this year.

I am following the Olympics a little bit. India won a Meddle first day of the games.
!luv 1

Yeah, and I also saw Mary Kom made it to the round of 16 in boxing.

but I think fans have been given chance to watch the match in the stadium, seria a league is also like that you will be hearing them and noise in the background

With the current COVID situation in Japan not getting better at all, the organizers just decided early July to ban spectators to all events, indoor and outdoor. So no fans allowed at all. Even the opening ceremony was done without audience, it was a nice ceremony, but it's just not the same with the empty stands.

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.1 HIVE has been sent to each of you

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Application goes to how deserved it.
Thanks for the reward I really appreciate

Belgium First Division A

Oostende vs Sporting Charleroi

Prediction: Under 2.5 goals

This is very great too because this two teams will tough them self and the strong team need to manage 1or2 goals from this match
You're doing it great man keep it up

Been a match between two tough teams I also expect the goals to minimal on this. Also going by head to head, any meeting between this side produces few goals. I don't expect this one to be another different, the reason I will going with this option too.

What can anyone say concerning the 4-2 loss by Manchester United today

Manchester United loss today? That's a big loss. Who did they play?


QPR? Its so humiliating.

Manchester United do not suppose to start the new season with this, they should have end this disappointment last season

Its a bad pre-season experience.

did they play sancho also, if yes i think they are yet to get to understand them self

Pre-season matches usually don't mean anything. Teams often don't play with their stars, or not the entire game at least. New recruits don't really know yet how to play with their new teammates. And they also don't play 100% yet, because they are still working on physical conditioning. Even PSG today only won 1-0 against a National team (3rd league equivalent).
The first few official matches will be much more telling.

Really shocking one. Wouldn't blame much as pre season most times isn't the ultimate test. When the season fully starts, then they can be judged.

Oh I didn't even realize Man U lost. Then again its not the actual season yet so it would be a practice game.

A great loss indeed by Manchester united...truth be told they need to buckle up next season.

Germany Bundesliga 2

Werder Bremen vs Hannover 96

Prediction: 1:1

Nice prediction fro you man, it very possible from the bundeliga 2 or for saver side you tip the game over 1.5

Thats what they are playing now at 80 minute but anything can happen

We hope it concludes like that.

This tier of the German division seems to produce lots of goals. As for the correct score, not a fan of that game option. Would rather go for the over 1.5 goals or both team to score option on this one.

I am predicting Werder Bremen to win today.

Brazil Serie A

Palmeiras vs Fluminense

Prediction: Home Win

Decent prediction but I'd rather go for the goal options on this one has matches like this can sometimes turn out as unexpected. Both team to get on the scoresheet it is for me.

Good prediction mate... over 1.5goals and both teams to score is certain

Congrats to everyone

Many thanks for the tokens. Much appreciated

The whole house earns.
Congratulations to us

Thanks for the tokens, as always it's appreciated.

Thanks for the rewards.

Congratulations to all the people who won hive and tokens.

Brazil serie B

Awesome prediction. Played out as predicted. Both teams get to share the spoils after an entertaining encounter. 1-1 was the scoreline after full time

Thanks for the reward

China W - Zambia W 4:4
This is a fight of equal mates
These two country sides managed the conditions and Drew after losses.

It's been long I see you here. You went on a vacation or something? Nice to have you join us today.

As for the women match. It was quite a match between this two side. Eight goals thriller. I personally didn't expect to see as much goals as this.

I was working on a project.
Am partially back.

The goals were just pouring into the nets as it they had not goalkeepers.

Thought as much. Great to have you partially back :-)

Yeah for a moment I thought it was another sports due to the number of goals scored.

Maybe basketball

Yeah. You read my mind. As we don't often see such scorelines. It's a good though

Yeah. Kids game with lots of goals.

For what sport?

It's women soccer at the Olympics. Crazy number of goals today. China-Zambia 4-4. Netherlands-Brazil 3-3. New Zealand-USA 1-6. Sweden-Australia 4-2. Just goals after goals...

Well at least the day ended with every team scoring at least one goal. Is it a single match elimination (losers get kicked out immediately)? I believe that was how it worked but I am not sure.

It's still group stage, 3 groups of 4 teams. First two of each group, along with the two best thirds go to the quarter finals. Then it's win or go home.

This is goals season.
Score as much as you like

women soccer at the Olympics

Netherlands W - Brazil W 3:3
The big people in one big picture.
They decided to tear it equally.
Nice move

both team are very strong, they are part of the best female football team in the world and that includes Nigeria also

Yeah, you're right

I thought Brazil would win this one, they seemed stronger to me. That promises some good matches in the next rounds.

Well, looking at the number of wind and goals scored by the Netherlands, Brazil stands no chance of winning the game

The women football seem to be really exciting as always with the flood of goals. Nice one from both of them sharing the spoils on this one. I bet both side will be excited with the result

seeing Barcelona games in pre season i think Barcelona will have a great season ahead

Yeah the Catalan side seem to very impressive so in the pre season. However this games is not a true test of our they will perform but it's a great sign. Looking forward to see how the play together and how the news signings adapt to their style of play.

Considering the la Liga regulation of Messi risking not included when the league begins, do you think it will be a major problem for the club?

Great cycling road race today at the Olympics. On the podium, three of the best riders at the Tour de France too. Richard Carapaz wins the gold medal, beating Wout van Aert with silver, and Pogacar with bronze medal. I couldn't watch the entire race unfortunately, it's just too long and it was pretty late in my time zone.

Is the road race only 1 day or is it multiple days?

Yep, just one day. A tough one though. 234 km with several difficult climbs, including one with portions steeper than 20%! And 30 degrees Celsius with 80% humidity, difficult conditions.
Unlike the other sports, it was nice to see all these people on the roadside. It's outdoor with lots of space, so it's probably safer.
Tomorrow it's the women road race. Significantly shorter with 'only' 137km, but difficult too.

Small correction, there is also a time trial for both men and women (Wednesday I believe) and I think it's also considered road race. But it's completely independent from today's race.

Another sport for the first time in the Olympics this year: skateboarding. I wouldn't watch for hours, but I watched it for a bit tonight, this was fun. That reminds me of some of the acrobatic winter sports: although it's very impressive, it sometimes look like they all do the same tricks. Except the commenters and judges see dozen of different tricks with cool names.

Nice from the organiser including skate boarding into it. I believe we are lot of skateboard lovers. Would be interesting to watch this. Yeah concerning the tricks and skills, I believe there must be some criterias in awarding points. Most likely the result of this game will be up then judges.

Football- QPR 4 Vs 2 MAN UTD
Manchester United loosing their pre-season match today isn't suprising to me because I didn't expect much from the teams line-up, though they played well today but they need to do more.

They just used third eleven to waste our time.
Good for them

The Manchester United game was quit surprising but guessed they used team b or some lower players for this one. The result will be overlooked by many as it is a friendly game but however still showed some of their vulnerability.

Hope they patch it up before the coming season and I also hope to see a better United team after the money they have spent so far in the summer transfer window.

More expectations is put on ole Gunnar solksjaer, hopefully he leads the team to a silverware this time around after coming so close in the previous season

Truth be told they need to buckle up next season. Manchester United losing pre-season match today is uncalled for.




Nacional will win if you ask me.

Great prediction as both side disappoint has they both got on the scoresheet. Interesting to see this one play through. 1-1 it ended as both team got to share the spoils


CSD Macara?-?Guayaquil City


Unfortunately this outcome didn't come through. Home side was really poor and failed to even score a consolation goal for the fans. 0-2 the game ended at full time

Thanks for the token giveaway boss mate you are doing well