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The rate of draws in today's matches is so much

Today I will be aware of Villarreal vs Fc Barcelona, the Spanish league is highly contested. Who do you think will win?

Barcelona for sure...

Man u Vs Leeds United is striking now. Guys, what do u think? I see draw or man u wins.

0:0 draw..
Man U had a lot of winning chances but Leeds United seem to be so stubborn lately

Leeds United has really tried this season.

Just looked at the results and you were right about the draw. I didn't expect nobody to score though.

Arsenal fans claim the defeat of their favorite team against Everton has nothing to do with fan protests against Stan Kroengke

Well. I don't know anymore but the results are the only things that matter. I don't think arguing about the reason why would affect a game that is already finished.

Anyone watching IPL these days

Where can we watch live streaming ?
I am not in India and don’t want to spend on subscriptions 😀

Everyday :)

RCB vs CSK was an interesting one .

Jaddu just crushed RCB .

37 runs of that last over was great to watch.
Even in second match SRH made a big mistake by not sending Bairstow in super over.

Where can we watch live streaming ?
I am not in India and don’t want to spend on subscriptions 😀

Not sure about live streaming without subscriptions

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Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments @mcdaymtn @manuvert @guurry123

A few people didn't make the cutoff but congratz to everyone who did

Thanks a lot for the prize 👍

Thanks for the award.

Thanks a lot for the reward and congratulations to those who made it.

Don't mention , keep engaging :)

It's great to see you doing so much for my favorites tribes and how doesn't love sports my favorite is football

Whenever I see football I think of American football. Because football here = American football and soccer here = Football in the rest of the world.

Thisbalways confuses me.
A dumb question - What is the difference ?
I know a lot of people have red face after reading my question

there is none! its just some countries have their own sports for the name football, so they adopt the name soccer instead.

Well American foot ball is different as you generally don't kick the ball but you carry the ball to the goal. Its a fairly different game as people are busy trying to get the ball across the different goal lines and you can just look up NFL for what it looks like.

I'm the same we call it soccer here, and football means rugby instead, but I've adjusted.

Ah yeah seems like each and every country has different terms lol it is so confusing sometimes .

Ah it's nice to know it wasn't just the US. It sure is weird to adjust things because the words are different.

It's my pleasure :)

I like football but I love cricket and Tennis .

I love cricket too but it's a time consuming game

Sports is one topic that most of people can talk about even if you do not support a game or team.

Congratulations to the winners

A bit sad that the Lakers lost. The score today was 93-108 for the LAL vs. DAL.

I felt like the Lakers were doing well until they bombed the last quarter. The news is all about them losing due to no Lebron but I don't think its a valid excuse. They might of done better but they just fell apart in the last quarter.

How that will do well form next game. Keep supporting 👍

Yea I am not surprised. I think the Mavericks were probably at the top of the Western Conference last I checked.

All change in the third quarter with a 21-33 run for the Mavericks. Dallas was definitely better.

Yea I wasn't expecting that. It sure was weird as you get disappointed due to them being steamrolled by the other side.

Again Pakistan v Zimbabwe in the T20 series, live score, Zimbabwe 101 chasing 161
Sportsbet has then 50/50 at the moment (see below), with 9 wickets in hand, I would say Zimbabwe can make it, we'll see it works out to be 1.6 runs per ball, which is doable with 9 wickets in hand.

Did you bet on any of the event ?

didn't bet, lucky too, as I would have lost, I usually aren't good picking winners so best to commentate rather than lose money too! ha

Lol. I guess not taking the bet was the best choice. I don't know enough about Cricket to make a bet.

So who won the game ?
161 is not a big score to chase in T20 so I guess Zimbabwe made it through ?

Pakistan in the end won, Zimbabwe only made it to 141.. lucky I didn't take the bet!

What is Burnley doing to Wolverhampton Wanderers. Chris Wood has scored 3 beautiful goals. This match to me is like Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Chris Wood

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