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Today I will follow Leicester vs Palace Who do you think will win?

Leicester to win because I haven't heard of Palace, but I am learning.

Leicester put them in third place, four points from Chelsea in fourth

mehn........ today's match is going to be war..... Leicester will win the match but it won't be that easy for them.

I am not sure but I think Leicester will win or draw.

Twas a great win for Leicester city.

This has not really happened yet but NFL will have its draft this coming week, starting Thursday. Its going to be very important for the team I follow, New England Patriots, as they are on the road to rebuilding. Curious if you or others follow this?

I too think so it going to be very important match hope they win

I do not follow theses but would be interest to see what others say and educate myself.

I dont follow the NFL much but how does the draft work? Is that how NFL teams get their up and coming players from the junior leagues?

Basically the upcoming players and also trades between teams. They kind of settle down any big changes before the start of the season

hmmm, i don't understand what you are saying o. well, i'll just stay watching to learn.

No I haven't really been following the NFL much. I tend to follow the NBA more instead.

yesterday was a very busy day for me as i posted on my actifit report. i couldn't watch the manchester game. today, i'll be watching that of Leicester City vs Palace. i predict Leicester City to win. no more draws today.

You can't avoid being busy sometimes and I hope you get to watch today's game. I'll be expecting a draw but who knows lol.

Dear friend, I don't wish to have a draw In this game. Leicester must win.

Good work you do driving engagement on various tribes, nice. Have to be more active again in writing.

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.2 HIVE has been sent to each of you

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I don't get it please explain what 3 comment

In order to qualify one needs to be engaging with others on this post through comments and make at least 3 comments. You can reply to others or start your own conversation on any sports topic. Hope this helps.

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Ok only cricket on tonight/day is the IPL match the Punjab Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders..I think the Kings will take this out. What do you think?

Thanks for the award.

congratulations to those that made it.

More people are participating so I think its growing and it seems like there is a decent amount of activity here.

Leicester City doing all they can to maintain their 3rd position in the PL table. They had a good win today over Palace

Leicester can't fall my hands on this game. The won 2:1

I don't know if you guy like online gaming but here in pak pubj is blooming like crazy almost all teen and kids are playing it I too play but I don't think I played it well

I don’t play much online games

What online games do you mean specifically?

Pubj I been playing it for awhile

I don't play it as I tend to either be on HIVE and I have been focusing more on blockchain games.

Blockchain games are ok but I really like playing pubg because you get engage with other players just enjoy playing it man

Congratulations to the winners..