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Congratulations to all users and thank you @amr008

Thanks for the rewards, I really appreciate it

Thanks for the participation rewards! I have to check what's on the menu in the Olympics today, for once I have no idea.

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With all these events at the Olympics, I haven't paid as much attention at the transfer market in European football. So, I just read it is now a done deal for Raphael Varane to leave Real Madrid to join Manchester United. In the poor Eurocup the French national team just played, Varane was one of the only players somewhat consistent in my opinion, even with a few costly mistakes. That's definitely a good recruit for ManU.

I also just realized that with Ramos also leaving for PSG, that's two big pieces of the Real Madrid defense gone (I know Ramos was injured most of last year but still). I'll have to check if they're bringing someone from somewhere else, or if they already have some young players they can promote.

A good signing for United.
For him, I wish more grace to improve his skills

what is moriba is he going to renew or wil he be sold , but the two parties have failed to co e to agreement

Europa Conference League

Partizani vs Basel

GG & 2.5

Fine prediction but the game ended in 0-2 in favour of Basel. I dont know why the Serbia could not get a goal

Decent prediction. I have no doubt this one will player through has the Switzerland side are fond of scoring goals for fun. Basel for the win on this with some number of goals.

Basel win and over 2.5

I predict Basel to win today.

Europa Conference League

Shakhter Karagandy vs FC FCSB

Over 2.5

Shakhter wins

Can they win Karagandy?

O think do.
What's the score

Cool prediction and i think both teams to score either half

Europa Conference League

FCI Levadia vs Dundalk

GG & over 2.5

As a save prediction from man of most winning prediction, I love this tip because it can let you make a much money in the betting market

Under 3.5

Ahaha. Good reduction too. Let's see how that goes..

Okay bro

I'llMore like being on a safe side but nice prediction all the same, sometimes high scoring sides when they meet become conscious and it goes in draw

Good prediction mate..

Tell us about the big match/event in Olympic today that your country is participating and you are really looking forward to.

Ireland won its first ever good in rowing last night. Well done team Ireland.

Is this for the Olympics?


Shakhter Karagandy?-?FC FCSB

FC FCSB wins



Bodoe/Glimt Wins


BATE Borisov?-?Dinamo Batumi

BATE Borisov wins

Seems like a very outcome. I also expect the home side to see this game through been the better side and playing at home.

My prediction is that BATE Borisov May win.

Great prediction here from you man, and BATE should have there victory in this match

Thanks for the token giveaway boss mate you are doing well