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Chelsea playing a 2-1 narrow win over bournemonths at the preseason made me realised that they need a striker

That's it. Chelsea is really not good in this preseason.
I hope they don't take this to the main events, especially champions league

Yeah I quite agree you that the forward department need more fortification considering the lackluster performance of the current strikers. I believe that's why there are doing all their best land Norwegian international and Borussia Dortmund forward Erling Haaland. I hope they land him before the Summer transfer window closes.

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Congratulations to all who could make it.

Thanks for the rewards, really appreciate🙏

the truth is that @amr008 has really been trying when it comes to sport.

kudos to @amr008

I ended up being busy and couldn't come back to make 3 comments. I'll try my best to get there today.

likewise me also but today is another day, we will do better

Many thanks for the tokens. Much appreciated. Congratulations to those who made the list and to others who daily make here more fun.

congrats to all the winners. i never know my comment was not up to 3 yesterday.

Congratulations to all for getting the tokens and hive.

Thanks for the reward

Thanks a lot @amr008.sports for the tips. It is highly appreciated.

Olympic Women Quarter Finals

Canada Women vs Brazil Women

Prediction: GG/Over 2.5

Good ones from you mate, the prediction is very great one in this ongoing Olympic

Over 3.5, Away win

Decent prediction. I see no reason why thos outcome shouldn't play out. This will also be an exciting one to watch.

please what is the outcome of this match i am so sure the match will be GG


Canada won through penalty kick.

Canada is my favourite here.

Olympics Women Quarter Finals

Sweden Women vs Japan Women

Prediction:Sweden to win

Japan to win

no doubt about this prediction. Sweden women really surprise everyone after defeating the ultimate champion USA.

honestly when it comes to sport it is not ideal to underrate any team. like wise in life we should learn not to underrate anybody.

Yeah Sweden have played well in this tournament which this prediction is very good from this match.
Hope to see them with even more goals

I also think Sweden has much higher odds of winning compared to Japan. Unless I see something unexpected, I don't see that changing.

Olympics Women Quarter-Finals

Netherlands Women vs USA Women


The usa woman team are Picking up from a shaky start which good and I believe they will scal through this one

Cool prediction mate.. over 2.5goals is sure and any of the two teams to win.

Chelsea playing a 2-1 narrow win over bournemonths at the preseason made me realised that they need a striker

sure they really need a top 9 that it why they are in the race for haaland , they lose so many chances last season due to lack of striker

Thanks for the giveaway boss mate you are doing well.

thanks for yesterday, i was quite busy yesterday so i couldn't post more comment

I was busy too and could not post yesterday.

It was the same for me yesterday. Hopefully both of us will be able to make enough comments today.

Sorry bro.
Go and settle your issue with spam watchers. You're being downvoted regularly

i dont know howbto go about it

Go to their discord channel and make an appeal. Its a lengthy process though.

ok i will try it if i can do it, but what is the effect on my account although my reputation has dropped to 10 and am trying to build it now is 12 what is the effect of it

I was busy too and could not post yesterday.


Karlsruher SC?-?Darmstadt


Darmstadt over 1.5 goals

Germany is my prediction

Good prediction mate and i guess over 2.5goals will show up



Over 2.5

Austra: 2 LIGA

Floridsdorfer AC?-?Austria Wien (A)

Over 2.5

i am the only one seeing a new young talented star in Barcelona yusuf demir