SPORTS TODAY 3rd April - 1 HIVE + 200 SPORTS givewaway

Good morning to everyone .

What can we discuss here?

  • Anything related to sports .

  • Live matches which are going on .

  • Discuss what you felt about a particular match after it is over .

  • Predict and share what you think about upcoming matches .

  • Talk about sports betting if you are interested , post odds which you think is good to bet on .

  • But mainly - live matches discussion ? That would be fun.

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Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.5 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Yesterday was a little lacking in participation so I hope a few more people do show up today to engage.

Yes ooo. I really missed it.

I am glad to see you here. It looks like you already made the list tomorrow.

Thanks a lot for the prize
Let’s get this going today and have more engagement.
People were in weekend mood yesterday 🤣🤣

I seriously missed sport talk yesterday. Congratulations to those who made it so, what are we discussing on today. I'm kind of being busy in church so I can't see matches this week. Happy easter to everyone.

Happy Easter to you too mate :-)

We can't watch everything but you can always rewatch it after the fact when you have time. Happy easter.

This week would be little busy for some people. Starting from Friday to Monday.
Happy Easter to you too.
Take care

Ok gang, Leeds are playing Sheffield United tonight. Extra competition on @amr008 's daily post. Its starts at 3pm Uk time which is 9pm in Thailand and I will be in the pub, watching and will be here commenting and sending @dbuzz 's out!
Let's get some banter going if you're watching the game and give us a score on THIS post before kick-off time, I'll throw in a 1000 tokens to anyone and everyone who gets it correct BEFORE kick-off lol!!

I guess I'll repeat what I said on the actual posts.

1-1 Salah to score first.

I don't know why but I always feel like betting on Salah when Liverpool is up in the matches.

Salah is not capable to score first

Ooooooo fighting talk lol ;-)

That's football for you

What's the score at Leeds you plonker lol ;-)

Sorry I wasn't reading it correctly.


I just can't seem to stop myself from choosing a tie.

What a good initiative.
My entry is 2:1

Looking good but I think Leeds will score again!

I won.

You certainly did!! Thanks for joining in :-)


That's cool and perfect.
Thanks for the reward.

I hope I'll be receiving the incentive?

Let your boys be well prepared because Sheffield United most times seem to marvel the whole world.
But my bet ticket has Leeds United to win, i sure know they will win. 2:1

Me too.
Let's see how it goes down

Feeling confident?

Well done @mcdaymtn, 1000 Sports sent to you my friend :-)


Wow. This gonna be max play o. Leeds 3 - 1 Sheffield United. Any how, Leeds will take the victory. We never can tell till the last blow.

Leeds will surely win

Leeds United will lead the match

Who won this match then ?

That's it. I'm in the pub, I have a beer and it's game on so my mini competition is closed!


Good luck to everyone who entered before the kickoff

1-0 after 11 mins...

So pubs are still open there?
We still have restriction here.

They are open again mate! They were closed for about 2 months from December to early February but all open again now :-)

Oops I just logged in to see this post and I missed the changes to guess.

PSG vs Lille today will be a bit tough of a match. PSG have Bayern Munich to contend with next week and i think they (PSG) might reserve some key players so they squarely face Bayern Munich. I'm placing a bet today. PSG to win Lille or they draw, that'll be my bet option.

This is a neutral strategy when a big team is facing a small one with a strong cup match ahead.
PSG is likely to draw this game since UCL match is very challenging. They'll make up the points in their league games ahead.
Good luck in your bet

I am a fan of the LAL (Los Angeles Lakers) and I was a bit disappointed in the ending of the match. The Lakers were mission Lebron James so I understand that they were understaffed.

Lakers 120- 123 Kings was the final score.

When there was less than 30 seconds under the clock, it was 120-121 so one more basket would of given them the chance to win (defend for the remaining seconds). They missed the lay-up and all attempts afterwards to get it into the basket failed.

Oh no. I feel your pain.
The game of basketball is really unpredictable when it comes to last lap. Score line can change rapidly.

Yea the scores change really fast in basketball. All it takes is like 5 to 10 seconds after a score to change the tides.

What a fun game

Mehn, u don't have to feel disappointed, in a game, there must be a winner and a loser, that's what make it interesting. I know how u feel but someday, your team will make it.

Yea always a winner and loser. I am just a little sad at the failed last ditch attempt LOL. I thought they really had a chance during the last minute.

Hey all, since Liverpool vs Arsenal are not kicking off till 8PM BST, I am hoping for a 3-1 WIN for Liverpool even though that they need to win this, as of just now that Chelsea has lost 5-2 to West Brom.

What do you all think?

Chelsea whyyyyy!!!!!!!
This is very annoying.
This is the more reason why we must not underestimate small teams.
For Liverpool vs Arsenal, I think that they'll draw.
It's a guess.

@lebey1 where are ya mate ;-)

He must be watching the game

He'll be sulking cos Chelsea lost lol ;-)

Is he a Chelsea fan?

He is, we can't all be perfect ;-)


He must be sad after seeing the score line

Mate add this scoreline to my post along with a the first goalscorer for a guaranteed 500 tokens :-)

And put the Leeds score here for a possible 1000!

Love to see the engagement today
A lot of people and a lot of comments
Keep up the spirits guys 👍

The boys from the Steel City are so soft it's embarrassing! No wonder they are bottom of the table. No fight and they'd fall over in a light breeze!