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Today I decided to change it up a little bit because my cousin talked about the UCLA basketball game for Top 4 in the NCAA. So I decided to watch it and it was a fairly close match to the very end.

UCLA was tied with Gonzaga during the last minute but Gonzaga ended up winning with the last shot. I might be more biased towards UCLA but I have no where as much support for them compared to the Clippers or Lakers.

I’ve checked the last shot out of curiosity. That was a 3 points from faaaaaar away.
UCLA thought they got a second overtime with the equaliser at 2 seconds from the buzzer...

Yea it was definitely an amazing last shot.

Tonight there’s Miami ATP1000 final with Sinner facing Hurkacz.
Both had an exceptional tournament, don’t know who to side with ;)
But what’s extremely surprising is none of them are in the top20 ATP.
I didn’t check but an ATP 1000 final without a top20, I’m not even sure it already happened before...

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Congratulations to the winners. Myself inclusive

Congratulations to the participants and hive winners

Congrats to me and other winners

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks a lot for the prize.
I really appreciate the support.

We had quite a bit of engagement yesterday and I hope we get as much today as well.

I'd love to talk about the upcoming IPL. Who do people think will win this year's tournament?

I reckon SRH are a good shout to win it. They are remarkably consistent, have a strong squad in general and a very good leadership group that is boosted by the return of Buvi.

We can talk a lot about IPL over here throughout this month .

I am from Bangalore so I support RCB but we all know they won't win lol .

I want CSK to win because of Dhoni .

Also welcome to this post :)

Miracles do happen, so you can still wish Bangalore to win and they may win.

Well I’ve been to Bangalore only so I will support them for the IPL too :)

Hehe , to be honest , RCB has the best fans even though they haven't won a single tourney .

If you visit the stadium to watch them , it's a different experience . Everyone should , it's crazy .

Let’s add that to my next trip to BLR then ! You’ll have to teach me some fan songs ;)

I have no idea about the IPL (don't watch it much) so I will just follow your opinion. Maybe a few more people chiming in their opinion will let me understand it a little bit more.

So if you know Cricket you are good.
Here is the website to checkout

Thanks for the site, I'll watch it later if I have time.

I would love Punjab Kings to win once.
It's not been a good team but miracles do happen.
What team do you support.

French football ligue 1 is incredible this year, 4 teams fighting for the title instead of PSG ahead of everyone.
Yesterday very important game against PSG and Lille which ended with Lille victory and then getting 3 points ahead of their opponent.
A very good step towards the title, will they be able to resist ?

No idea. But I didn't really have Lille on my radar so they have a chance. I personally thought PSG would of won.

Definitely the underdog here, no one predicted they would be first with few games remaining. They are solid. I’m a bit worried if they represent France in champions league next year though ;)

Are your rooting for France? I think it would be an interesting champions league next year though.

Yes always supporting French clubs in european cups :)
The biggest problem France has with underdogs winning the title or being qualified for UCL is all the best best players are bought. The clubs can't retain their best elements, the ones who qualified them to UCL.

Sounds like something they should work on and I hope they fixed this issue in the future.

Issue being money usually. They don't have the funds and the popularity to keep good players.
Only big investors coming could fix that.

Yea but investors will generally come in when they have a proven track record. So its almost like a never-ending loop.

I see PSG far away from the league title. They can only play UCL next season if they win the cup which is an impossible possibility.
This season in French league 1 is something else.

Actually the 3 first spots bring you to UCL, 1st and 2nd directly to group stages and third will have to go to the last round of qualification before group stage.
However PSG will be toasted if they finish 4th haha. And honestly with the level displayed by Monaco and Lyon, I can’t guarantee PSG will finish in first 3.

I'm happy that you are looking at the chances


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Some important football results last night .
Bundesliga leader Bayern defeating second rank Leipzig, seems like a very good step towards title.
Internazionale increasing their comfortable lead in Serie A, I don’t think anyone will be able to close the gap.
Same for City in Premier league, after their win against Leicester...
Most of the big leagues seem to be done and played already.

If most of them seem to be done, are there any noteworthy matches left in the big leagues? Are there any matches you are looking forward to either?

Yes especially in la liga. Real - Barca next week and Barca - Athletico Madrid in a month. I feel this league will be disputed till the end.

Oh I'll go check the time for those matches. Maybe I'll be able to watch them live if time permits.

Yeah, most of the big leagues now have clearer views of who would take the lead.
For City in EPL, this is their third league cup in four years.
What a record that has never been written in any club history in England.

Yes the domination is real. And last year they gave up the title to an extraordinary Liverpool. Amazing what they’re doing. Could it be their year in UCL ?

Well, Bayern may not allow them.
But they stand a better chance.

I wonder who can beat Bayern this year again

Yeah. Those guys are pros

Sevilla beating Atletico Madrid is opening title race even more !
Real is 3 points behind and Barca 4 but with a game to be played. All the football suspense is concentrated in la liga haha