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  • Predict and share what you think about upcoming matches .

  • Talk about sports betting if you are interested , post odds which you think is good to bet on .

  • But mainly - live matches discussion ? That would be fun.

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Thanks a lot for the giveaway
Appreciate that. Congrats to all the winners too

Don't mention , it is completely okay .

Congratulations to the participants and hive winners...

Thanks for the sports. We had a decent amount of discussions yesterday.

I watched the Warriors vs Hawks NBA match where the Hawks won. It was a fairly close match as both teams were fairly close to being tied during the first three quarters.

However the Hawks did well during the last quarter and managed to pull ahead halfway in the 4th quarter.

Congratulations to Hawks for the win
Their fans would be delighted
Are you a fan ?

Not really a fan. I am personally a fan of the Clippers and Lakers but I watched it because it was on last night. It was an interesting match since it was fairly even for most of the game.

The hawks are outstanding when it comes to winning last two quarters.
I wasn't chanced to watch any game today.
I hope you enjoyed it all?

Yea it was fun to watch and listen to the side.

There’s a snooker game today bringing us back to the 90’s.
Stephen Hendry is facing Jimmy White in World Championship qualifier round.
Those 2 played against each other so many times but more remarkably during 4 World Championship finals with 4 wins for Hendry !
Hendry is back on the snooker tour after he left almost 10 years ago.

I had to look things up and I didn't even know about the snooker game.

I tried to play this one with my friend and it difficult than it looks.
I don’t know anything else apart from this.

So what’s the final score ?

Hendry won 6-3

Well, good luck to them.
I'm not really into big men's games like golf, table tennis and long tennis.

I don't usually watch professional snooker but the few games I've seen were impressive. The skill level displayed by the players was unimaginable to me.

I'm not really either but sometimes I'm just stuck watching them for hours because the skill is just mesmerizing !

Saturday's match was the boom as Chelsea created an unwanted history. To be beaten by a team like West Brom is an unpredictable and unthinkable match. I think they failed because they underestimated West Brom teams and because of the red card given to Thiago.

What do you think?

I think I will have to see their performance in their next match. Every now and then they might just have a bad day.

The major reason is because of the red card.
It caused server injury to their defence.
Also they underestimated West Brom so much that the betting sites game West Brom a very big odd.
Very disappointing record

I did not see that coming either! I guess everyone has a bad day every now and then. Let's see what plays out in the future.

Just as i had it in my thought, PSG lost to Lille during the weekend clash so they can attack Bayern Munich on wednesdy. I still don't see them conquering Bayern though

Yeah, they reserved so much players to tackle Bayern.
I still don't see them winning them too.
It's a very hard decision for them to take.
Loosing was the last option.

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Anybody watching cricket?

I still have to watch a match! People talk about it very often here and I'm curious.

No , which match is on ?

Today is no match I am following..
Just ask as Cricket is game follow by mjority of Indians.

I usually follow India but I don’t think India is playing any match today

I'm not

Thanks everyone for participating.
See you guys tomorrow.