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  • Talk about sports betting if you are interested , post odds which you think is good to bet on .

  • But mainly - live matches discussion ? That would be fun.

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I didn't watch any SPORTS today. So was there any matches you watched or you were excited about yesterday or today?

Same here my man. Well, thank God Champions League has started, I'll be watching Real Madrid Vs Liverpool and other matches if chanced. So what is your prediction? As for me, I see Liverpool taking the victory.

Which team do you support ?
Do you have any preference ?

I think Liverpool will also win but Real Madrid has also been doing well recently too.

Yes o, but the end will tell.

From day after tomorrow the biggest T20 tournament is starting in India .

Indian Premier League , basically 20 over match in which 8 teams participates to win the trophy .

I don't keep up much with Cricket. Which team are you rooting for? India?

All the teams are from India only. It's like different teams from different states but they can have international players.
This is big money as they buy and sell players vis auctions. You will see player changing teams almost every year, except a few of them which are reserve for some teams.

Yeah like Dhoni for CSK :p lol . That won't change ( except for the two years of ban ) .

I wish Kohli moves to other team though .

Lets see who will win this time, we will have some content to discuss that we actually understand a lot better. 😂🤣

Thanks for the clarification. It seems like an opportunity for every team whether it be money or skillful players.

It's a national event so teams from various states ( not all states ) but various states play in it .

It is like Premier league in football actually .

I am rooting for RCB and CSK .

I am not knowledgeable about it. So given that you support RCB and CSK, are their odds good for winning the champtionship?

Maxwell is now in RCB people , are you excited ?


Definitely, being an RCB fan, I hope he finds his touch once again and give that much needed boost to the middle order RCB is looking for and not to forget his golden arm for those 4 useful economical overs where any wickets will be a plus just like Moen Ali used to do for RCB for last 2 years.

Here is my blog I posted for the review of teams before the matches starts.

Nice , will check it out soon .

Maxwell is a great addition , that is why in the auction both RCB and CSK went for him .

Also he wasn't utilized in KXIP well last season .

100%, Maxi will add more strength to that middle order and give a little more freedom to King Kohli at the top :)

I agree with you that Maxi wasn't utilized well in KXIP team with KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal scoring most of the runs, but in RCB, I am sure he will have more job to do both as a batsman and as a bowler.

Good day :)

Yeah, Royal Challengers Bangalore is currently armed with exciting two new recruits, which are Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell and New Zealand pacer Kyle Jamieson, Hopefully, they'll win the trophy. Last season was something else to them as their key skippers were on injury, causing them not to win the trophy.

I think Kohli is the reason for RCB not winning the trophy yet . Jamieson is a wonderful addition , a good replacement for Dale steyn .

That's right.
Let's see how it will work for them this time.

Hello world!

The best event in the world today is about to go down.
It's UCL!!!!!
These two powerful football club sides will have the field of Madrid busy this evening.
Will Liverpool win, lose or draw?
Feel free to get engaged in this comment session.
Drop your prediction asap before the game begins.

Liverpool will win the game.... Though it will be a tough tight tonight.

I just added that to my laughing dictionary.
Madrid gave them some ass woops!

I will go for Liverpool

I think you guess wrongly.

Congratulations to those who made it on the talk.

Thanks dear.
You didn't participated in it. What happened?

My dear..... I was so busy. I had audio setup to run. But I'm back now. I missed discussing sports matters with u o. How are u today? If I may ask, what's your take in the Madrid and Liverpool game today?

Okay. Welcome back.
After successfully watching the match, I just had to force myself to hold my laughter.
Liverpool is thorn apart

Very thorn

What are we discussing today? I have been absent for days due to some engagements. How are we doing?

We are very good. Hope you had a good Easter holiday.
Engagement had been great from last few days.
I am not watching any match today. Will watch the space for others to chime in and follow 😀

Yes, my Easter holiday was cool though it was busy for me as I had to run audio and media setup for the Easter conference. It was a nice time to be though. I want to believe you were blessed.

Check my comment.
UCL is in progress.
Are you aware?

I have seen it my dear, though I don't understand the meaning of UCL

European Champions League
Best football league in the world

Finally, Madrid couldn't allow the victory to be Liverpool's. Good job from. Even my prediction didn't comout I as thought. Wow. It was a nice time spent in viewing the. Madrid 3:1 Liverpool. That's the end of it. A team must ways win.

Looks like Real Madrid did win. I think the stats put Liverpool ahead but Madrid has been doing well on their matches. I make mistakes in predictions all the time so don't feel bad.

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.2 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments @evegrace @mcdaymtn

Thanks for all the hard work. There was a decent amount of conversations going on .

Thanks again for the prizes
Have a good day 👍

Thanks Mr sports

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😂😂😂😂, I can't laugh again o. Who has seen with me what vinicius Junior has done? It a goal oooo. Madrid 1: 0 Liverpool. That's the score for now. It's really a nice attempt from vinicius, this is a proof that the home is the base. Will liverpool still have the victory? Let's watch to the end....... I like thks match.