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  • Predict and share what you think about upcoming matches .

  • Talk about sports betting if you are interested , post odds which you think is good to bet on .

  • But mainly - live matches discussion ? That would be fun.

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I have always joined this conversation but I don't stay till end. I think I should stay till end today.

What is the line up for today?

Am ready to talk guys.

Good morning to you all.

Welcome here
I wish to see you at the end of the day's discussion.

Why are you laughing at me? Your passion for football as a lady thrills me please keep it up.

Regards @eldecore

Why I laughed was because you said that you don't stay till the end, just like a man who leaves when the game is at its 75th minutes.
I hope you were among the winners?
Thanks bro. I grew up with boys/men around.
They don't gossip nor talk about fashion and designs.

That's interesting to know. All thanks to them that has molded you into a billionaire on the blockchain with sport



I'm not even close to half a million

You don't need to look like it but that's where you are going to.

I'll say a big amen to that

I keep an eye on thinoost whole day to see if someone have started a conversation whenever I don’t have much to say. 🤣

Welcome my man. It's always an interesting discussion here o. I promise u, u won't regret talking sports here. Hlw are u today?

Not much. I watched a game and just dropping by to check the thread before I go to sleep.

I can't figure out what you mean by line-up so I will ask a question instead to create engagement. What sport are you interested in?

Football and I want to know the line up matches to be played today.

I don't follow it as much but its a common topic so they should start posting about it soon.

The long awaited match is today, Bayern vs PSG. I know it is because of this match that PSG lost their weekend game to Lille. Will they capitalise on that lost today? Or will Bayern allow PSG to take the lead?
I see a draw in the match. What do you think

Yes, one of the best games in this season.
There's no two way about it.
PSG will only mitigate the goals and not drawing.
They're likely to play a very defensive game tonight.

Lets wait and see


I supported the loosing side.
What a hell

So what is the result of this game ?
Who won ?
Or we have a draw ?

I'av really missed seeing this game today. The day was a busy one for me. Who got the victory?

Amazing win away from home ! I don't think it could have been better for PSG according to what exactly happened during this game.
Navas has been brilliant, best PSG player for several months already, which is not a very good sign lol.

IPL is about to start in this week... but will it be with audience in stadium or without?

I guess this would be behind closed doors.
Not good for the organisers thought but that would be the right thing to do based on rising numbers again.

I think it would be better if there's no spectator in the stadium.

It will probably be without an audience because of the sickness. But I think there is only so much they can do before they release it to the public.

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.25 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments @coolguy123

Congratulations to us all.
Ani am happy you're among the winners.

Congratulations to all the winners :)

Thanks for the giveaways @amr008

Thanks a lot for the hive and tokens 👍

Thanks so much for the prize.

A bit surprised by both results last night. Was expecting City to be much more dominating against a Dortmund not really brilliant lately.
And I was also expecting Liverpool to show much more than that after their 3-0 win against Arsenal at Emirates stadium.
Did you enjoy last night games ?

Last night's game seemed to me like Real Madrid was very prepared to take down Liverpool. Let's just see what will happen next week

Last night's UCL games were great and enjoyable.
Both home teams made names for themselves.
Today won't be the same.

Wow... This is amazing as Chelsea took the victory. Today's match was and impressive one.

Up the blues............

Chelsea is in really nice form, I can see them going through the final this year !

Yes, you are true. I wish they will maintain the spirit. I'm seeing them at the top

I didn't expect them to win so thanks for the update on the game results.

Haha haha. It was war on the game. Today's game will strike.....

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Tonight I watched the Lakers versus the Raptors game. It seemed like a clear win for the Lakers after the 1st half with a 26 point lead over the Raptors. The Raptors did their best to close the gap but the Lakers win 110-101.

As a Lakers fan, I am happy they won since they lost their previous match. I think they did well today as they created a sizable lead and this lead lead to their win.

What sport is the ?

Its Basketball as usual. Sorry for not including it in my comment.

No problem. I was trying to guess by looking at the score. But could not recall any sport where we could have 100+ scores 🤣

Don't worry about it. I think Basketball is probably the only one that tends to get over 100 consistently. I think it may also be possible in American football but its unlikely to happen unless one side scores non-stop.

The Lakers has been at their best performance lately. Congratulations on their success

Yea but I feel bad for the last game since they had quite a bit of bad luck. Also injuries seem to be affecting their performance recently.

Congratulations to the participants and hive winners...

Thank you

Bayern - PSG tonight !
You know I’m rooting for french clubs but damn this one looks like the Everest to climb haha.
At least Lewandowski won’t be able to score :D

If Bayern doesn't win, then it'll be a draw because i really don't thing PSG will defeat Bayern tonight

Oh my goodness.
This is another one of the best games in the year 2021.
I don't see PSG close to drawing this game.
You fear him a lot

Honestly with that level of domination last night, I would expect Lewandowski to score few goals haha

In the game of football, anything can happen.
I never believed it at all.
Looking at the winning odds, PSG had the highest but won.
What a surprise game

Totally unexpected ! Second leg will be crazy

There'll be much yellow cards like a dog fight