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Chelsea really made her fans proud yesterday in the match against Fc Porto. I think they were reserving their strategy for that match, that is why they lost their premier league match during the weekend

I didn't watch the match. Are you a Chelsea fan?

I personally don't think they should reserving their strategy. They need to play like they want to win if they want to place well in the season.

I'm no Chelsea but i love it when a team wins

But one of the competing teams usually win (draws are rare) so what happens to the loser? lol.

And that delicious oriented ball control from Mount on the first goal !

Mount goal was superb and hr has been one of Chelsea most outstanding player this season.

I'm sure he should win an award by the end of the season

Mount approach to ball play is what makes him Outstanding. I see him to be a man of confidence. I really loved his moves to scoring the first goal.

Twas super superb

I looked up the clip of it happening. It was pretty good.

Chelsea performance was really impressive yesterday as they outclassed porto in the Ucl first leg.

I dont think Chelsea lost because of Porto, all that happen was because of the red card collected by Thiago Silva.

Then if they anchored their hope on Silva, they really fucked up. They shouldn't have become that wavered because of one person

Congratulations to Chelsea fans.
Whom are they playing against next ?

I think they will host Porto by next week

I'll say yes to that. This same strategy was employed by PSG yesterday.
In general, the two teams loss their weekend games to take the victory yesterday.
I love the items they sacrificed to win their UCL games.

Patis Saint Germain took revenge on Bayern yesterday and they are totally at a big advantage with 3 away goals.

You're right, 3 goals away is something big. But with this Bayern, no team is safe haha.
Let's see if Lewangoalski will be fit to play :)

Well, the away goal would be useless if Bayern deals with them in their home.
I see Bayern being very merciless in the second leg.
I felt bad after way the game.

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Thanks so much Mr sports, I really appreciate your prize.

Thanks Mr sports

As usual, thanks for the HIVE and SPORTs token.

Thank you very much for the giveaway.

I watched the Bucks vs Warriors NBA game today. It was a very close match with the score of 121-122.

I thought the Warriors was unlikely to win after the 3rd quarter finished since the Bucks did really well that quarter(5 point lead). But they managed to close the gap and win the game.

I am not a fan of either team but I just watched it on the side.

You are a true Basketball fan, I would not bother to watch a team i do not support normally. But not the case with you. Sports spirit.

Out of the sports, its probably the one I prefer the most. All you need is a hoop and a ball to play even if your alone.

That's very true, you don't need anyone else and can play this game just along.
I tried it once and hurt myself as the ball bounced back and hit my face, never tried it after that.

You should give it another try. As long as you are mindful, I think its a great sport. In the worst case, you can just shoot hoops lol.

It could have been a tie. Just a point difference.
Bucks were very unlucky to win, even in their home.

Yea they were a bit unlucky but I almost gave up on the Warriors after the 3rd quarter so it was an interesting game.

Good morning and welcome to another beautiful day on hive

Good day all. Today is gonna be battles. When I mean battles believe me. It's gonna be Granada FC Vs Manchester United. Also, Arsenal Vs SK Slavia Prague. Believe me, lots of interesting games have filled the table. It's a funny ahead guys, let's rock it.

I stand with United. They should win

Premier League teams are EVERYwhere this year haha.
It's going to be some very good games for sure, I'll also keep an eye on Ajax - AS Roma.

Who do you think will win?

I think Man U will win they match but I am unsure about the 2nd match since Arsenal tends to lose quite often.

Which one do you support here ?
any preference ?

Though I don't fan a club, but I stand for man u and Roma.

Welk, Manchester United will always win. That's for sure.
This level of Europa cup is not really challenging until round of 8.
Good luck to Manchester United. Am not a fan but am supporting them today.