Petition- Fund my SPORTS ENGAGEMENT Project to increase the engagement in sportstalksocial.

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Good evening to everyone , I hope you all are doing great today .

I won't beat around the bush , I will get straight to the point . This post is a petition ( not proposal ) to fund my engagement project which will help SPORTS community .

What is the difference between petition and proposal ?

Simple difference is that - petition is to know whether community supports the idea or not , it is to get an opinion from the community .

Whereas proposal is actual motion , if it gets passed it is passed .

So this post is not a proposal ( actual motion ) , it is a petition because I would like to know your opinion and thoughts before going for proposal .

If this petition gets good response I will move to proposal .

Engagement Project

I recently started an engagement project - link which has the following feature .

  • I upvote the top 25 commenters / engagers in each community everyday .
  • I consider only comments and those comments has to be made from the particular frontend itself
    • Example : If you want to get upvotes from @amr008.sports then you must be in top 25 commenters from SPORTSTALKSOCIAL frontend . If you comment from any other frontend but it has #sportstalk tag I won't count it .
  • Benefits of this project is -

    • Brings traffic to the sportstalksocial frontend .
    • Increases engagement between users
    • Increases overall active users who are using this frontend .
  • As you can see the response in the announcement post and today's stats post I have got good response from other users .

What will the proposal be ?

I had asked for delegations to the @amr008.sports account which is the voting account for SPORTS tribe for engagement project . Certain users were very kind to support the delegation

Right now the delegation are as follows -

AccountDelegated SPORTS

Total = 1 ,791,018 SPORTS .

That's 1.79 million SPORTS .

That will provide atleast 500+ SPORTS upvote for 100% I suppose . So people will want to earn those upvotes by engaging in Sports community .

Won't it increase the spam ?

No , I have taken sufficient steps to calculate the quality of comments . Please read the announcement post for full details.

Why do I need delegation from @sports-gov account ?

There are two reasons for this and this forms the basis of my petition -

  1. To increase the upvote value so that we attract more people to come over to sportstalksocial frontend and engage with other users . Just think what if we reach 10000+ SPORTS per upvote ? Ofcourse people will start engaging .

So we bring more people over here , we increase the traffic which inturn increases the ad revenue which inturn increases the token burn which inturn increases the price of SPORTS .

  1. Second reason would be payout for delegators - Whatever delegation I get from @sports-gov account will be used to upvote and we won't payback the curation reward to @sports-gov ( that will be specified in my proposal too ) .

So remaining delegators will earn more APR because of this . Also I won't take my cut too till the end of the year because I want to help this project grow .

So in simple terms - 100% liquid curation rewards will be sent back to delegators excluding @sports-gov and @amr008 account . This will drastically increase the returns for other delegators which will prompt more delegators to come forward which will allow more upvote worth and again the cycle continues .

How much will I be asking ?

@sports-gov account currently has 25 million SPORTS in liquid form .

I will ask for the following -

1st - stake 7.5 million SPORTS to @sports-gov account
2nd - delegate that 7.5 million SPORTS to @amr008.sports account .

( I will include both of these in same proposal )

This way I am not even asking for the funds to be transferred to me , I will just ask for delegation . This will ensure the SPORTS actually stay at @sports-gov itself and can be undelegated at anytime by another proposal if in future this project ends or community votes for not continuing the delegation .

I guess I have covered all the necessary points .

I repeat again , this is a petition so the main intention is to get the response of community . If I receive good response - I will go ahead and start a proposal .

What feedback am I expecting?

  1. Is this a good idea according to you ?

  2. Is 7.5 million SPORTS okay ? Or should it be less or more ?

  3. Any additional advice / suggestion .

Also tagging @patrickulrich to check if I followed the petition procedure correctly .

  1. Yes it is a good idea. It is very similar to how monster-curator is for SPT. I just need to delegate my stake and I get returns everyday.
  2. I am unsure but I think the amount sounds reasonable.
  3. Since the SPORTS token rewards come in half staked and half liquid, how are you planning to send out the rewards each week? Will it be fully liquid, fully staked, or some mix of it? I think it will be a mess if you have to power-down every week to grab liquid SPORTS and recalculate who gets what.
  1. I see , I was unaware of that.

  2. As I have mentioned in the post , the liquid curation rewards will be paid back to delegators 100% .

That means the staked part will remain in the account and won't be powered down. This is how we grow the accounts power to give out bigger upvotes as days pass .

Also the above is not true for LEO which pays everyone in Liquid form. So I will power up half of it and send the remaining to delegators.

The difference is of course in how SPORTS is paid in half liquid and half staked. SPT is paid in full liquid so it was easy to give people their portion. So the liquid portion of what is received from curating is sent out to the delegators. Thanks for clarifying.

How would it work for CTP since I know it pays out in full liquid? Are you also going to stake half and let the other half sent out to delegators?

Yes , half will be staked ( because we want the curating account to grow over time ) and the half liquid will be paid out fully to the delegators ( there too I won't take my cut ) .

Delegated 1M Sports power

Please vote on the Ad-proposal. Think you haven't done it yet

Thanks a lot :) Appreciate the support :)

Your petition has been confirmed by The Governator. Weedcash petitions, prorosals and The Governator (weedcash edition) are powered by Archon Governance All rewards from this comment go to the weedcash governance fund

Hello friend...
Idea is good and helps in more engagement between differen users and also increase the traffic to the specific interfaces...
I like to suggest one thing... if the paymemt for delegation will be in staked token them it will help the native project more..... for now the delegation payoutay be less but in future the payment may be hight for big delegators that may be goes to sale directly....
Their may be some person who do not like the idea but this is just a suggestion...
I like to wish you a luck for the project.....

Hello @mk992039 , thank you for taking your time to suggest .

I like to suggest one thing... if the paymemt for delegation will be in staked token them it will help the native project more.....

Let me see if I understood you correctly , you are suggesting that I pay delegators in LIQUID SPORTS every week ?

Not in liquid .... pay in staked token....

Okay so as to reduce the liquid supply . I will ask them to the delegators and whatever they prefer I will do that :)

Thanks a lot for the advice , it's a great one.


First, I think I delegated some Sports aswell. Second, solid project just want to know why you aim at 7.5 millions. Did you just pick a amount or is there any reasoning behind it?

Looking forward to see the discussion going on here, I'm really postive to this

  1. I have added your name in the post mate -

anderssinho 10000.000

I guess you missed it .

  1. Yes , right now my account with delegations contain around 2.2 - 2.3 million tokens . So my aim was 10 million tokens with the proposal .

Hope that answers?

Haha sorry most have missed it, sorry 🤣
Ah then I understand. How much will a 100% upvote be approx worth then?

How does a proposition work? It's not binding like the proposals or?

Sorry , I didn't answer the last part -

Yes , petition is just to see if people like the idea and to get their inputs and clarify their doubts . Whereas proposal is binding .

Also petition costs 1 SPORTS and proposal costs 100000 SPORTS lol .

Right @patrickulrich ?

That's correct! You've handle the proposal and petition system masterfully. I would argue better than I have. I should have made a petition about the off site fee before ever presenting a proposal. I applaud you for this.

The other difference is in how they are calculated but to be honest it's not so much about calculating anything as it is just finding general support. Since the calculations aren't made the same (stake versus stake weight) there's little way to calculate the true value the community will place. That being said this is a much better guide than just throwing it to the wall and seeing if it sticks.

Lol its allright , according to my calculations it should provide us more than 2000 SPORTS upvote at 100% .

The positive thing is we keep the account growing and we can see this 2000 SPORTS upvote becoming 2100 - 2200 in no time.

Glad to read this from you. I have been pretty busy off the chain in the last three days, the reason I have not been engaging. I'll gladly delegate some good amount of SPORTS to you as I fully support the proposed project. Even a 10 million SPORTS delegation from isn't too much for this project so all who are engaging through STS may get rewarded and encouraged to do more.

BTW: You didn't post this through

Lol first of all - yes I did post it through sportstalksocial itself.

  1. I will be very very happy if I could get delegation from you :) ( Any amount will make me happy because you are supportive of this project )

  2. Looks like people are receiving this well so as you mentioned I might go for 10 million delegation proposal itself.

I am just waiting right now to listen to @patrickulrich to make my next move.

Yeah, it's a proposal that should earn much more supports that's why I want to delegate huge SPORTS so that the rewards also increase. Hopefully when the proposal passes, we'll see engaging users earn over 2k SPORTS per comments.

On the tool you created, I wish you can adjust the algorithm so that a user starts to earn upvotes on comments once the user has first made 10 quality comment for that day.

Oh yes if you delegate we will reach over 2k easily .

I want to start the proposal soon but as I said I am waiting for @patrickulrich for the go ahead.

Also there will be no claiming from now on , the upvotes are calculated automatically everyday and voted for top 25 . So no manual action required.

I'd also support some form of a prepayment from the sports-gov account that would let you be in a perpetual power down of the delegators funds for full payments too. Maybe we could do the math for what liquid sports would be needed over the powerdown cycle and place a delegators cap on the first six weeks until regular powerdowns could cover the needed payouts. If the 10M is calculated out of the pool it will quickly build a positive liquid balance that could be repaid into @sports-gov account over a period of time.

What I have mentioned to delegators is that we will let the liquid curation reward be distributed and let the staked power as it is in order to grow the curation account .

So to sum up the delegators will only get the liquid curation rewards .

I think the 7 million is extremely reasonable and I'd gladly support the 10M SPORTS proposal as well. I think the way you've structured it allows the community to step away if they don't feel its being maintained so I applaud your continued foresights.

I think the way you've structured it allows the community to step away if they don't feel its being maintained so I applaud your continued foresights.

Yes , if I transfer liquid funds it is gonna be mine , I don't want that , I want @sports-gov to be the one which owns the funds .

But as I have mentioned in the post in order to increase APR for delegators I won't be paying back to @sportss-gov account. That will be distributed among other delegators itself.

Well done mate! Hope you're well :-)

Yeah, I'm fine. Was just busy. I'm back now to spark engagement and pomp for SPORTS again. We SPORTS to the moon. $0.001 is the target price before June 1, 2021.

@uyobong.sports please go and vote for the ad-program proposal please. You are the biggest stakeholder and your vote is important to many.

I'm still watching. I'll vote but my vote won't level up to 51% other stakeholders should be informed too.

Yeah I'm trying to spread the word. If this wont go through it really bad for the community. We need sinks for sports and we need to take sports of the market.

But then you know atleast, just writing to all and got from 34% to 42% since I started today 👍

Mate, I think you're great. I'll bung you half a mil, where do you want them sending? @amr008.sports?

Thanks a lot mate , it really means a lot.

Yes @amr008.sports is the account for delegation.

@amr008 what an awesome idea you got there....this will create positive engagements on the platform and make it more interesting and enjoyable and also a platform with great sport contents....well done sir....

Thanks a lot @havevo for your feedback . It feels good when people appreciate the project . I will put my best to make this project work and contribute to the community . Thanks for the support.

I have read your partition but answer one thing for me bor @amr008 . as you know there is a lot of community on the hive and many have there on domain no? if we focus on one website like we will lose out on others so I like your proposal to bring traffic to the sportstalksocial domain and I will support you by delegating my sports to you and I will try to engage on the domain as much as I can

Hello @aiovo , a very good question my friend.

The thing is , there are lots of community right now on hive but the traffic it is receiving is not equal , if you see Leofinance it has lots of members posting through it's frontend .

Now this proposal is to bring more traffic to sportstalk .

What about CTP? I already got good healthy donation from it's community owner @jongolson .

What about STEM? I got good healthy donation from @abh12345 .

Now my focus is on Sports to get as much delegation as possible .

I would have actually started a proposal on CTP and STEM too but it doesn't have any proposal system like the one which exists on sportstalksocial .

What about other communities? Does it lose out?

I will be more than happy to add them too to the project if their community owners reach out to me and delegate to the account .

Hope it answers your query?

Yes it did 😊

Good idea. This is a great way to maximize things in the engagement part of the blockchain.

I don't hold much stake but I already delegate 100k to support this bold move.

I'm all for this! There's the old carrot or stick methods of driving people and this is an excellent carrot. I love it!

I'm interested how many comments we already get each day. I look forward to this driving it up regardless. I'd love to eventually see enough engagement that we run a separate instance for each of the major sports. One day...

I will happily pay the cost of the proposal for this. Just set me as a refund of 100k sports and I'll send the fee to @sports-gov.

Thanks a lot . I was waiting for your say in this to go ahead . It looks like you are happy with this so I will go ahead and create the proposal as soon as I send out the votes today through the engagement project . Will DM you on discord with the URL .

@sports-gov and @amr008.sports Done...... "The King" is onboard and delegated 500 Sports talk tokens. All the best in success!
Onboarding welcome_5.png